Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They are off.

Pennie and the youth of St. Marks and the other two churches are on their way to New Orleans. The bus left right at 2:00 pm . I followed the bus out of the parking lot. They went left I went right and I got turned around, so I went the wrong direction, on the correct road. I did a little tour of Menasha.
When I got home I worked on the dog costume I am sewing for VBS. I started working on the head after finishing the body. I am afraid of the difficulty. I had to do some practicing because this is a new machine, because my better machine broke just before we moved.


Melli said...

I have them prayed up for a safe trip and a wonderful Christ filled time with lots of new experiences!

Betty? Are you going to be WEARING the dog costume? I can't WAIT to see this costume!

Anonymous said...

Hope they have a safe and wonderful trip. I also hope you post a picture of the dog costume :) Would love to see it ;)

bettygram said...

Melli: I am not wearing the costume my daughter will be, and a youth. Pennie will be part of the opening in the costume and the youth will visit the classrooms. Pennie is making the snacks with the classes.
Thom: I sure hope to put pictures up.