Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lifest Day Three

A different day. We had sun and it was warm. Sunscreen applied as well as bug dope. The first singer we heard was Mandisa. She was on American Idol. I enjoyed her. She gave a little sermon for the young women about inner beauty.

We had supper during the Denver &the Mile High Orchestra but did get to see the end and they were very good. During the speaker we took a restroom break.
This was Steven Curtis Chapman's first concert since the death of his daughter . He spoke about how the songs he sang before now had different meanings. His sons took part in the concert. The songs were about how God was faithful during the hard times. At the end of the concert we lit a candle or used a cell phone and sang a blessing to him.
We were a little surprised that there was an Honor Guard and we said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem. Then came the fireworks.
I have been enjoying myself but it would help if I had more pep. Not use to getting home the next day.

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quilly said...

You probably don't need more pep. What you need is a longer recovery period! They should do Life-Fest every other day .....