Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Close of Lifest

Lifest ended July 12 for us. There was a service on Sunday but we went to our Church. We heard Echelon, Aylesha, Rebecca St James and Casting Crowns at the Grandstand. We then hurried over to the Edge to catch Skillet. Bree and Curtis wanted to hear them. I could understand all the words of the singers at the Grandstand. Not true at the Edge. Next year maybe we will get a camper and stay at the fairgrounds in the camping area. If we get electricity Dr John could come and stay. There is a drawback which I hadn't thought about. One of the members of St Marks stayed at the campsite and the storm drove them to seek shelter.

We met our new Pastor at St Marks tonight at his Installation. We also met his family.


quilly said...

Sounds like Life Fest is stamina draining!

Margaret said...

Lifefest had a great list of bands/singers. So how did you like "Skillet?" Hehehehe.