Friday, July 11, 2008

Lifest Day Two

Day two of lifest brought rain. Abundant rain. To keep dry we went to the Marketplace a metal building with roof that had items for sale. We did not buy anything but we looked . We ran over to an other building with a roof and this one had chairs so we sat their until it stopped raining. Then a trudging through mud to hear Jonathan Rundman. The crowd was small ,and we got to sit in the second row of seats. We could see their faces. My daughter was a councilor with him at bible camp, but she didn't stop to talk because we left before he was finished. The grandstand is where we went from there trudging again through mud , but the rain stopped.
The speaker was Reggie Dabbs. He drew the crowd in by just being entertaining. He played the sax, and had us reciting nursery rhymes. What has that to do with the Christian message? That is what I was asking but he turned those rhymes into names of God. What God could have done for those unreal people and He has done for real people.
The band was Switchfoot. I didn't know about their music so I didn't know the words to the songs and the lights were bright making me have to close my eyes. The last song we heard was from" Prince Caspian" and I did like that.
Again we moved through the mud to the Edge. The Edge is barn to show animals during the fair.We heard Superchick. Superchick is the band my granddaughter wanted to hear. I like the music but again I need to get a CD to learn the words.
We got home at 2:00AM so I am tired and I am still in PJ's at 11:30AM.


quilly said...

Well, you're busy, but are you having fun? I think I would love to be there!

Jill said...

Must have been nice. How about sending us some rain...?