Friday, April 25, 2008

Tornado Maybe

Today was an unusual day for me. I felt sad. That is not the correct feeling but I can't name it. The news told us we were to have storms and Sunday and Monday snow. Dr John told me that he didn't think he could take three days away for health reasons. I had asked about going to my high school class reunion of 50 years. He had said yes and I sent in my money and made motel reservations for three days. I was very surprised when he had said yes in the first place. I got a note back . The reunion is on the 5th the note talked about a get together on the 4th and seeing the fireworks. I read this and he was surprised about the three days because he thought we were going up and staying only on the 5th. The 4th is his day. He likes doing fireworks and being away would not do. I want to go for the 4th because Escanaba has the best place to watch the fireworks. You can see those on the ground and those in the air. Also understand I have not kept in touch with anyone in my class. I do not like large gatherings of people I don't know. It really doesn't make any since to go. I wanted to go to see fireworks and to have a reason to buy a new dress and get my hair done. Johns health is most important and I just shouldn't go but I have to undo everything I set up.

I sat around in a funky mood. The news had breaking news and storms were on there way north. Tornadoes were seen and were down. Thunder and lightening came then the hail , wind and rain. The house was being pounded, Maggie and I went into the hallway because we have an open concept, Living room ,kitchen and dining room all together and windows all around. Just as Pennie came home The sirens came on and we were told to go to safe place. We dragged Dr. John and Maggie down to the basement with us. Shortly we were told the warning was done the storm had become weak and was breaking up. We learned that we need to be better prepared. So we will make up a kit of things in the basement.


quilly said...

You can be a modern wife and take your vacation without your husband just this once. How many 50 year reunions will you have?

But, will you have fun, or will you worry about Dr. John at home? And will he enjoy setting up the fireworks if you aren't there to share them?

Marja said...

To me it would be fun to go to a reunion and see what has become of everybody. But than again if you don't like large gatherings than it might not be a good idea. Just do what feels best. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog

Nea said...

I think the feeling you are feeling is a bit of disappointment. Even us stay at homes, once in awhile look forward to a reason to get dressed up and see something new or interesting. You spend much of your time at home, and of course Dr. John's health is important, but it isn't out of the question for you to have a three day vacation either. Sometimes it does us a world of good to get away and do something for ourselves. You won't get another chance to go to a 50th reunion. But maybe it isn't the reunion that was the draw, maybe it was just going back "home." I am with you on the crowds things, but on a 50th reunion, I doubt the crowds will be to large. Unless you had a really large class.

Jill said...

Well,it's been over 40 years and I was invited to the 40th but I was not really interested in going to South Carolina to see people who didn't care about me then so why should I go and see them old now. Oh well. Here and now is more important to me.