Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb

It was my grandsons birthday on the 16 th so we celebrated this weekend. The whole family came here. We went out to eat at the Tumbleweed. Pictures are on Dr John's blog under family video. We were also celebrating my daughters birthday which was on the 15th. My son Pat got her a Webkin[not sure of spelling]. All of my grandkids have one. Each stuffed animal has a code so they can go on the internet. All of the computers except the one in Dr John's bedroom were in use. They would go into the game room and play against each other. They are talking about getting me a Webkinz today even if it is not my birthday. Another hit gift was Verticon. There are balls that rise on air. Best description is an hair dryer with out heat . The gift was for Caleb but Luke played with it the most. In fact just before Caleb opened the gift, Luke was telling my daughter what he wanted for his birthday, when he saw Verticon he changed his mind and said I want that for my birthday. Today we plan on using another gift, a jig saw for children.


quilly said...

What does one do with a Verticon?

bettygram said...

Quilly: On top of the tower that blows air you place balls like ping pong balls they have holes and you place tiny weapons which effect the balls. The ball that stays on top wins.

Jill said...

Sounds like fun but I'm not up on all these new toys.