Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

I want to say Happy Birthday to my daughter a day late.
Happy Birthday to my grandson today. May you have a great day.

Now that our weather has warmed up I want to remember something I enjoyed doing some years ago before the doctor said" Cross Country Skiing are you crazy you may break a bone. No you can't go. Find another exercise like walking." Those people who like to do that exercise are not happy with the snow leaving.
I enjoyed the ability to be out doors and being able to see the beautiful scenery. I can't walk in the winter I may fall and break a bone, but I could ski, before the doc said no. We would find a different trail each weekend and the family and dog would go. I remember one time we missed read the trail signs and got lost. We sang "This is The Day the Lord Has Made" over and over again as we tried to get back on the right trail. We were on a snowmobile trail and we had to do some bending to get under tree branches. We eventually got back to the correct trail. I had a fear of heights and skiing helped me face my fear. There was at the beginning of one trail a quite large hill to go up. This provided a place to get warm because it required work to get up that hill and your frozen feet and hands would thaw out. On this trail which was close to our home there was a hill which had a turn at the bottom and a pine tree just beyond the trail turn so if you missed the turn you ran into the tree. When we first began the tree was tiny and you could ski over it but the tree grew so it was a good thing that your ability grew too so you could get around the turn. Cross Country skiing is a great sport for the family. I feeling your sorry all you skiiers for the loss of snow but now I am looking forward to planting a garden.

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Jill said...

I like to look at snow and wish that we could get a day or two occasionally. But I would rather have a garden that I can enjoy.