Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Together again

A story written by Dr John and Bettygram, alternating by sentence.

Metha was having a hard time in this new world where the songs she was hearing were not the ones she knew and loved. Even the kids hair was different as the hair of the girl in the yard across the street was a dull brown. Not the bright blue of her own, but a dull brown, which was another difference of the worlds, the colors of her world were so much brighter.
The food here was different, as well with people eating funny rolled things called Spring Rolls. She had the luxury of not having the need for physical substance. She ate at home only for enjoyment and never for sustenance.
What was that yellow contraption near the wall? Kids here rode on them and she missed the moving sidewalks that took you where you wanted to go.
As she observed those walking, there was something about the walking that was different also. They may have looked like her but they were certainly different.
She was pulled from her world in a flash, just when she was about to use her sonic blaster on the villain Nasty flying from the scene of a robbery. She had ended up on what these people called a chair though how they could sit on such an uncomfortable thing she would never understand.
She could not understand why she was thrown into this crazy world,when she was needed in her world.
Suddenly Metha woke up screaming still clutching the super hero comic book she was reading when she fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

As I told Dr. John...excellent..and to think it was a comic book :) You two are wonderful with each other :)

The Old Fart said...

Like I posted at Dr John's you and he are great together when it comes to composing these stories.

Nessa said...

I love this idea. It is so creative and the stories come out so good. Very entertaining.

bettygram said...

I am sorry Bill but I am having trouble at your blog site.

the watercats said...

Cool little story!... Nice one, cheers for sharing!-)

Melli said...

And it was JUST as good over here as it was at the Fortress! LOL! Did YOU begin this one?

quilly said...

Whew! I imagine Metha was thrilled to wake and find out that all was right in her own world. Excellent story!

Anonymous said...

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