Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Our weekend for the most part was great. Dr John got to see all of his kids and grand kids. All except Dr John and Pete's family got to go to Monkey Joe's. It is a place to bounce around and slide down slides, all protected. There was a picture of Caleb going down the slide at the Fortress. there were games where they could win tickets and turn them in for something. There was a nice room for the adults with a large screen TV. Computers were available in that room. An aside, there was a little boy with a father in the room with us using the computer to play games, but the father was up set because he paid money for the kid to play on the bouncy things and the kid played computer games he could play at home for free. The computers played a part in the next part of our adventure.
Caleb is on a baseball team that has not been defeated. Caleb got the game ball, and his dad wanted to get a plastic box that would protect it. My daughter went on the computer and trophy stores and hobby stores or a name of anyplace we thought we could find one. It was after five an a number of stores were closed. We stopped at a hobby shop and it was a great place. It had comic books,something that Dr John has a collection of. Father's Day gifts were purchased. No train stuff however, but dragons. There also was no box for the ball, we asked where they thought we could find one and the clerk suggested just up the street. We went there next. No parking, so we pulled up into the drive was a a house next door, while my son went in. He found a box. That place had comics but old ones, that means costly.
On Sunday we went to church. Part of the money raising effort for the kids to go to New Orleans was a "Best Seat in The house" contest. A fathers name was put in a pot for a dollar, and Sunday they drew two names to sit in recliners at the back of the church and be served coffee and donuts. The sermon was good. After church we came home and had pasties I made on Saturday. We played a new game called Munchkin. Any number can play. It is a complicated game and takes awhile to understand. I was tired and I slept until it was my turn and then they would tell me what to do. I do it and go back to sleeping. We also played canasta. Dr John and I won.
The bird house got put up. My granddaughter, and oldest grandson helped me.
The not so good part is Dr John got sick and did not get to go to Monkey Joe's


Thom said...

I'm sorry to hear about Dr. John. I hope he gets better real soon. Betty I just cracked up when you said you slept until it was your turn and then you would go back to sleep Too funny. Glad you found the box for the baseball..and Congrats to your grandson. Dr. John has been posting their photos...how great. Sounds like you had a real good time. Sorry again about Dr. John...make him follow doctor's orders :) Aloha

Melli said...

That was sad that he got sick ... But aside from that, it sounds like he had a GREAT Father's Day weekend -- you ALL did! That's how it was at MY house too! I've never heard of Munchkin... I'll have to look into that! We're always looking for more "family games" to play. (though no one is interested in learning canasta...) Grrrr... I can just PICTURE you sleeping and waking up to play!!! ROFL! Die-hard game players are WE!

About the father and son... When I took AMANDA to Disney World - she was 10... Mathew was only about 3 or 4 months old - I left him home with Dennis. Amanda & I were enjoying our time, but we kept noticing TIRED, worn out, cranky kids who NEEDED to go back to the hotel and take a NAP, but who's parents were dead set on getting "as much fun for the money" as they could out of the trip! As a result, NObody was having much fun! I determined then and there that if I ever took little guys to Disney, I was making sure we actually "enjoyed" it. As it turned out, noticing that actually kept me FROM taking my kids when they were little... I waited until the twins were 8 and Mathew 10 before I took them -- and STILL we left the theme park in the afternoon to go back to the hotel for a swim and a nap before going back to the park in the evening! My kids had a GREAT Florida vacation -- but honestly - they weren't all that impressed with Disney... They liked the hotel and the pool more!!! LOL!

quilly said...

Father's Day sounds like it was wonderful until Dr. John got sick. I hope he is feeling better now!

Nessa said...

I too am sorry Dr. John was not well, but I am so glad all of your kids were there and the rest of the weekend sounds wonderful.

Jill said...

I hope he feels better soon. Glad you all had fun.