Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#19

Words chosen for week 19
phlyarologist-Talks nonsense
pulchritudinous-Characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal

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The room stately and eloquent showed the hand of a great designer. Every plant, table ,chair,plate ,glass, and silverware was where it should be. The beautiful people were in formal wear, and a quiet buss,and clinking of glass could be heard as all were in polite conversation as they ate.
This scene was disturbed by pulchritudinous Stan West. His voice carried through out the large room. Every head was turned toward him, the faces skewed trying to understand him. Stan became a phlyarologist. Myrah, his date for the evening, had a rose tint to her face as she tried to pull him down to a seated position by tugging on his suit coat. That action only prompted more verbiage and hand swinging. Not being able to understand him and fearing he was threatening the clientele, the manager called for security. Security summotion Stan West leaving him alone seated outside the building on the front steps.
To his credit he did not call for his car, and leave Myrah to have to find away home.
Myrah could not understand what had transpired. Stan was an excellent speaker; the reason they asked him to be there. Fighting back tears, Myrah excused herself from the table, and exited to go to Stan. She did not glance back, and catch the smirk on Helena face.
Helena had worked her way up in the social circle, but how people did not understand. Although having pulchritudinous, she was harsh and abusive to those around her. Sympathy went out to Larry Hunt her newest target of her aspirations. People knew that she would push him up to the top only to have him have a free fall to the bottom. This charity function was only the beginning for Larry. To get him known she had to get Stan West out of the way and a little black magic did that. Helena called over the director of the event, and whispered in his ear.
" Ladies and gentlemen in place of Stan West, who had to leave unexpectedly, our new speaker for the night will be Larry Hunt," The director began the introduction.
Larry gave a moving and eloquent speech, there were tears and nods of heads. The conclusion brought the room to a standing ovation. " The author of this address was Stan West. I followed Stan out and he gave me the notes of his speech. Helena was in shock. At first her face was blank then it twisted into anger.
"I am sorry Helena, but I will not hurt others to get ahead. This gather assembly must come to know you are a witch, an evil witch and I won't assist you."


SouthLakesMom said...

I like the way you defined phlyarologist with a later sentence (That action only prompted more verbiage and hand swinging). Nicely done.
I didn't understand the use of summotion, but I haven't had enough coffee yet either!

Nessa said...

Good for Larry Hunt. I like the way he gave it to Helena without being mean, but just by doing the right thing.

Lori's Minute said...

Good always wins over evil....good story! Say hi to the boys for me.

anthonynorth said...

Doing the right thing is usually the best way. Enjoyed this.

Thom said...

Excellent Betty. I'm so glad that Larry did the right thing. It's the way things should always be done :)

quilly said...

Yay, Larry! He managed to make it to the top of everyone's admiration honestly!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhhh GOOO Larry! That was GREAT! She got her come-uppance!