Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#18


Opsimath-a person who becomes a student late in life, or learner late in life.
Obarmate-to arm against
Assiduity-1Constant or close application or effort,diligenes industry

Lena Lark an oparmath sat a picnic table, her eyes glancing between her book, a portable laptop, and her two toddlers on the preschool playground. Lena planned to obarmate these toddlers quickly by learning the ends and outs of the computer. She could not give assiduity to the youngsters, and she heard a cry for help, as Jeff her youngest got stuck in the tunnel. She ran over to Jeff and assisted him to freedom. It was at this time she noticed the sky had turned from blue to gray, and she felt the pelt of a rain drop. She gathered up the young ones, putting them in the two seater stroller, and closed up her laptop, and took the book placing them in the pocket behind the stroller. Ah well the kids won the first round.


quilly said...

I hope this poor mother gets herself educated in time to educate her children.

While this story is very good, I am missing Sandy! Is she well? What has happened? Has the polar bear eaten her? Oh dear!

Nessa said...

I would have packed up the laptop first. The children could air dry.

I miss your ongoing story, too.

Anonymous said...

Very well written Betty. I think everyone needs to take a break from their ongoing story every once in a while...LOL. Kids always have a way of out smarting their parents it seems

Melli said...

I agree with Thom... I think a break from an ongoing story is sometimes needed -- for the AUTHOR - not the readers! I certainly understand you wanting to write about different things sometimes!

Anyhow... I have a feeling the kids will probably win EVERY round with poor Lena! UNLESS she does her studies during their nap and bedtime!

ROSIDAH said...

I love your entry. Kids are so hard to beat :)! It seems that they are always a step ahead. Have a wonderful day, Betty.

anthonynorth said...

Well my wife and I brought up 7 kids, so I certainly know how it goes :-)