Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures Together

Sandy Shore did not want to go to England,do she grumbled as she threw her wardrobe into the suitcase. But her psychologist had told her that it might get rid of her penguin and she would do anything for that to happen. She badly wanted to go to Washington DC to see Obama become president. Of course, Obama would have enough problems without her sicking the penguin on him and so here she was on the plane.
She was not sure that seeing the Changing of the Guard would any any way get rid of her penguin,but she went to see the changing of the Guard.
She expected to see the penguin sitting on top of a Guard's head but it didn't happen.Where should she go next,maybe the Tower of London or a family cemetery plot?
Her great Uncle was buried behind a little Anglican Church just two blocks south of the Palace and she had always wanted to visit the plot. Her visit reminded her that she did have relatives living here and that a visit to them may give her some insight into her problems. So she rang up her second cousin Ruth and her Husband James and asked them to meet her at the Museum next to the old time street display.

The museum had a golden carousel, which when it entertained was carried by horses. It was then that she saw on one of the wooden horses the stupid penguin wearing a cowboy hat.
"aghhhhhhhh,"she growled quietly, this isn't the USA it is England and that is not the proper hat, maybe a bowler.
Then the carousel started to revolve which Sandy knew was not possible because it needed to be pulled by live horses to revolve. Was the unknown power from the penguin?
Just at that moment her cell phone rang it was Ruth asking to meet at the Mock Up of the Church Street Post Office instead of the horse and cab. Sandy quickly left and went to the Church Street Post Office where she saw Ruth and Jim.
They were older than she expected, much older, or at least they looked older. They were pleasant, but they were engaged in mailing a letter to someone, causing them to be a little edgy with each other.
She looked like the kind of little old lady that had one or two of those beautiful English flower bushes growing in the back yard. Would these appearing to be sane individuals have any knowledge of super natural penguins? Ruth looked at her and said your the spitting image of great Aunt Rose, the one with Gypsy Curse.
"The Gypsy Curse?" asked Sandy.
"You know" Ruth said, " She insulted a gypsy Prince and was cursed with penguins for her life and in the life of one of each following generation."
Sandy opened her mouth to ask a question, but then closed it, reconsidering the question. At least she would have something to consider on the flight home.


Melli said...

You two are just sO clever together! I LOVE the way these stories turn out! I wish Dennis would do something like this with me... ... actually... I'm going to ASK him. (can't hurt to ask!) LOL!
Sooooo... will Sandy try to find the way to break the curse... or will she just accept her fate?

quilly said...

It is nice that she knows why she has penguins. Now she can just relax and enjoy them -- knowing she isn't crazy. And, it isn't as if the penguins try to harm her.

Sandi McBride said...

Nicely done...I love these challenges, they show all the talent that is out there, and you my friend have done well!

BJ Roan said...

Oh, a curse! Fun!