Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Better Eating

We made a very delicious dinner Spaghetti-Squash Chicken Parmesan. The recipe came from You use four small chicken breasts. We got large chicken breasts but had no trouble except on portion control. The chicken breasts are soaked in buttermilk for an hour in frig. A spaghetti-squash is cut in half cover with plastic wrap, and placed in microwave for 25 min. then scrape fresh from squash keeping warm. Heat oven375. In shallow dish combine flour 1/2 cup rice or all purpose flour 1/3 cup parmesan cheese 1 tea. spoon garlic powder. Coat chicken breasts. Place in sprayed baking dish . Cover chicken with spaghetti sauce two tablespoons per breast. sprinkle with cheese. bake 25min. You can heat remaining sauce and serve with chicken. We didn't. Please get recipe from web site.
Another good dinner was slow cooker chili Verde from
We are having fun cooking, but we use a lot of dishes which means a lot of clean-up compared to sticking plastic bowl into microwave then throwing away bowl. Another problem yesterday my dishwasher broke. The soap dispenser will not close. It probably is a spring costing 50cents, but will cost a lot to fix or I will have to get a new one.


Melli said...

AH! I wonder if my oven has a spring I could break!? That was BRILLIANT Betty! I vote for the NEW dishwasher! I'm sure the old one has served it's time well... (is Dr. John glaring at me?)

I don't think I've ever even seen a spaghetti squash! Now I have to go google it - because that recipe sounds GREAT!

My church is doing a Biggest Losers starting Feb. 9th and I'm joining! So I'm gearing up for the BIG DIET of '09!!!

Jill said...

That sounds like something good to eat. Yum. Yeah, the dishwasher probably just needs a cheap part but you won't find a cheap fixer.