Monday, January 5, 2009


The Christmas/New Years went fine. It was a little hectic in the opening of the gifts. My daughter had a plan where everyone sat and the gifts came to you. Her father wanted his gifts opened and was sending the kids out to find them. We had ham and fondue for the meal. The dogs wanted to play inside not outside, not enough space.
On Friday my son took us to Menards to see if the were any specials buys. I brought back my vacuum filters because they were the wrong ones I picked out before. I could not find the correct ones my vacuum is too old. Pennie went to work but planned on a half day because of a doctor appointment and came home to find us gone. She was sad. We picked her up and went to Walmart where I did find filters. I have not tried them yet so don't know if the are the correct ones.
On Saturday in the afternoon we went to the show Dr John stayed home. We went to "Bedtime Story." It was a nice movie When we got home found out that Dr John had become sick to his stomach and was in a mess.
Sunday we awoke to solid ice. It had rained during the night. Then the question was church cancelled. There were a number of Churches who were not going to have services. Pennie had Sunday School and was to help serve communion. We called and found services would be held. Pennie was feeling sick to her stomach but was not sure if she got what her father had or it was the thought of driving on the ice. My son said the thought of driving on ice frightened him. Pennie called and told them she was sick. She also was on call and at 8:00 AM the phone began to ring so out she had to go. The police cars were having a difficult time on the ice. The hospitals emergence rooms were full. Older people got salt and tried to salt their walks and fell to break arms, legs, and hips. Pennie was sick and still is. She had one more phone call but she could handle that by phone. I have two home now sick. I don't want to join them.
I have read through the bible study.
That was my week end.


Melli said...

Oh dear! After such a lovely holiday get together! To have it end in such a miserable way... I'm so sorry! Wear a mask... do you do that? Wash hands CONSTANTLY... you know all this - just makes me FEEL like I'm helping if I say it! :) I will pray you do NOT get it too.... ugh.

quilly said...

Stay well, Nurse Betty. I hope your charges get better, too!

Jill said...

I hope all is well now. I cannot remember the last time I had to drive on a sheet of ice. We just don't get that here. We had a record high of 82 over the weekend. Today the high will be 48. Go figure.