Monday, June 9, 2008

June is going fast.

There was an exercise in the water I wanted to go to at the pool. The class started today. I just couldn't face getting into cold water, although it has been in the 80s here. So I didn't go. Rain has been our forecast for the week. We are OK, but just South of us it is not. Allot of flooding. I did check the basement and it was dry.

On the Today Show this morning they talk about and had pictures of a man who was going to have a baby. He was a she. I find this disturbing or maybe just confusing.


quilly said...

Now that I am on vacation, time needs to slow down!

Louisiana said...

i agree with you the lady turn man who is having this child is confusing and/or disturbing. he is not really a man, he has the insides of a woman so really i don't understand why such commotion. i feel for the child being born into such speculation and a world who is watching with curiosity.

i'm glad you guys are ok where you live. i often wonder how you guys are with the news of such awful, scary weather. i hope you have a safe room in case of a storm/tornado. i have never lived in areas where this is a danger and i am frightened for you all.

thank you for visiting me again. it is so good to be blogging again, at least more than i have in a long, long time. it is so good to have my old hang outs and read my friends words.

how is your sister? i can't tell you how often i think of her and i always mean to ask Dr. John and get all wrapped up in making sure i keep my spelling as proper as possible i forget so much i mean to say.

i hope she is in remission and will be there for all her life.

Chelo is a toy, both in size and in the joy he brings all who meet him. so many that have met him, including my mom and ex husband who are not into dogs or pets per say, have fallen madly in love with him.

he loves all and has filled our home with such joy. i tell him he has many friends he shall me someday, yours included :) .
i could see how you all fell in love with your precious one and now i understand it so well. i liked the picture a couple (?) of days ago in your hubby's blog. such a sweet face she has and those eyes, they melt any harden heart i think.

i like water excersices too. they are easy on the joints and a real workout. the part i am not crazy about at all is the bathing suit part, lol.

have yourself a wonderful night and day later on. i hope as i write you and Dr. John are sleeping soundly and dreaming of angels.

thank you so much Betty for all that you and your family have done for all of us. family and love is not just of blood lines, and you are part of ours for you are part of our hearts.

God Bless you all. xo

Louisiana said...

Betty, i was just reading back in your post and read of that man who showed up at 6ish am. oh pls hon, call the police and tell them exactly what happened so that they have 1. something on file officially and 2. maybe it is something that has happened to others.

it is a most uneasy feeling and creepy for sure. Pennie does such good and she meets so many people through her work, i hope her work takes precautions necessary to protect all personnel.

The Old Fart said...

I've learned some things today Betty, Thank you for sharing. A Blessed Sunday is wished for you and Dr John