Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dogs and American Doll

Dogs and American Dolls don't seem to go together but they were an important part of my week. I took care of my son's dog while his family got away for a short vacation. Maggie and Spanky played together but I had to watch them to make sure that the play didn't turn to a fight. Maggie did not like Spanky sitting in my lap . She would share toys, food , and bones , but not my lap. My daughter read an ad in the paper about an American Doll and Fisher Price sale in Oshkosh ,so my daughter and I went down to take a look. American Doll has an Outlet store but the sale was not there .It was in a different mall where they must have rented the building. The sale is once a year. Remember Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving it was like that only the crowd was nicer. We had to line up and wait to get in the store, because they only let so many in at a time. As you walked in They handed you a large garbage looking bag. People came out with a number of those bags full. Some had to use a dolly to carry their load. It was standing in line for an hour and half just to check out. Good deals. We will be prepared next year. The roads were dry now but you could see water damage from the flood in the building. The goods were not in the flood but were brought in only for this weekend.


quilly said...

So now you will have to guard your closets when the grandkids come to visit?

Jill said...

Man, you were lucky. I remember the crowds of people trying to get Cabbage Patch dolls. I agree with quilly how will you keep them safe?