Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am not writing about places to live but movies. Last night my daughter rented some movies. Films we wanted to see and had not got to the theater to see. One was "August Rush". I enjoyed this film very much. You had to believe in the power of the music to draw everyone together. The line I liked best was" You know Mozart, I have one of those and he is sleeping under my bed." I loved the scene where he[August Rush] learns about writing music.

Another film we watched was"No Reservations". I also enjoyed it. I identified with the young girl who's mother was killed, and had to go live with her aunt as I had to.

Last Wednesday I had a surprise visitor at 6:30AM. A man rang the door bell and dressed still in PJ answered it. He said " I want to ask you about your neighbor" We have been concerned about getting the grass cut, and the garden weeded so I thought oh no a neighbor complaining. I said"Thats my daughter." He asks" Is she married, does she have a boy friend, is she engaged." I am shaking my head and I must have had a look on my face that said none of your business. He stutters "I just want to know if my fiancee is telling the truth." He then left. I was shaken. Dr John asked if I had seen his car. I didn't. I went over to my daughters and locked her back door to the padio, the front door is locked. When she came home I told her about him. Wednesday is garbage pick up and when she put out the garbage a white truck drove by and the man had a cap on and turned his face so she could not see him. She felt that was strange but it did not impack until I told her about the man coming to the door. He didn't break any laws but he gave me an uneasy feeling.


quilly said...

Write down everything you can remember about him. What did you see, hear, smell, etc. The material and color of his clothing. What he was driving. His accent. Any scars? Of course height, hair, eyes, accent, etc. The stuttering is important, too.

Does Penny have any female friends who are engaged and hanging out with her? Does she have a female friend who is engaged and using her as an excuse when she's not spending time with her boyfriend?

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hello just stopped by to thank you for coming by my flip flop place!! I love new visitors so come back again and soon.
I dont know about this guy!! I would wonder what is going on. Just keep an eye out.

Nea said...

I also loved August Rush, I would have preferred a little more story though, I hated to see it end.....I am such a sap for happy ending. I really dislike movies that leave you feeling sad.

That is very very strange about the man. He didn't give you enough information to even put your mind at rest. He wanted to know if his financee was telling the truth about WHAT? I am sure you are wondering also.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...


Drowsey Monkey said...

That is very unnerving about that man. I'd write everything down too, and keep an eye out if you see him again I'd call the police.

Monkey Giggles said...

Thank you for visiting me. I will take part of the blame only if you share.

Have a great night