Sunday, June 15, 2008


I will begin with an update on my sister who has a brain tumor. After treatment she continues to have MRI's and the first one show shrinking but they have not said anything but they have not gasp either. She feels well.

Dr John as he reported is feeling a little better.

I want to say something about the rose on Dr john's blog. I am so glad to see it bloom. Roses and I have a history. When I was at the parsonage I planted roses. I would follow all the instructions and I got one rosebush which grew for a number of years and never a bloom. I had another which was in the railroad garden and it was covered with buds but just before it would blossom the deer had lunch or the rabbits. I had a rose hedge and that was OK. I planted these roses in Neenah under protest. When we were in the store Dr John had the roses in his scooter basket. Pat's boys dug the holes and I planted them. We will see how they grow.


quilly said...

Some people nurture plants. Some people nurture people. You may not be great at making roses blossom, but hearts are a different matter.

Margaret said...

I have had better luck with roses since I moved to GA. But in my 30 years in NJ - they were terrible.

My prayers for your sister. My father has been living with a brain tumor for years. It's grown some, no telling if it is cancer or what. He never wanted to have surgery to test things out.

Today, they have some awesome ways to get to those things. Through your nose of all things. Particularly the pituitary gland tumors like my father has.

Big hugs to you and yours.

Jill said...

I miss my rose garden. I used to have several roses as well as other plants. I don't have a place here to grow anything. I hope your sister is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Spain. The flight over was as planned. Arrived on time. No luggage was lost. Grandson Samuel is perfect! A delight. More information will come later.
Love, Sue

Nea said...

I love roses, but have very poor luck with them. I planted a dozen, and the first year they were beautiful, and then, one by one they died. A few came back, but they are pitiful looking things.....but still I don't dig them out. but I won't plant any more.....

Sorry to hear about your sister's medical condition. Hopefully things will improve.

Lori's Minute said...

Glad to see the note from Spain!

Breanna picked out a rose bush when we went to buy flowers but I have yet to plant them. I have been watering them, though which is better than what I usually do.