Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week With Grandkids

Pat had vacation, and did not want to spend money, so he came here. Bree and Luke were coming for the week. We planned to go to Door County. While looking for things to do, we found geocaching. It is sort of a treasure hunt from the Internet. This was a time were everyone could enjoy, we even brought the dog. She did have to spend some time in the car while we ate supper at Al Johnson's. A Swedish restaurant with goats on a sod roof in Sister Bay. The food was very good. Across from the restaurant at a ice cream shop in the ground was hidden one of the caches. At lunch in Sturgeon Bay, we ate at a coffee shop with tables outside, and they let the dog sit with us. In Sturgeon Bay there was a cach at the Welcome Center. There were three others that were progressive. When you found one it had a clue to the next. The first clue was at the start of the canal. It was a nice park area. The next clue led us to a field next to the canal. The last one was at a lighthouse. We did not find the treasure. The kids loved the beach and managed to get wet. I held the dog away from the water, a ride home with a wet dog would not be pleasant.
Our first outing was to a Harley Davidson resort, kind of. There was a zoo, a museum, a restaurant, a flea market, and a pirate sailing ship the kids could play on.
Pat wanted to just sit around the house reading and playing computer games, and we did that too.
On Thursday,Pat and I went to the Packer preseason game, with Pete and Bree. It was fun and they won. The boys stayed at their aunt's home with her and Luke. Pennie came up later after work.
On Saturday we went to the "Y" so the boys could go rock climbing. They would like to stay longer than our paid for time.

I have had a hard time getting on to blog, but apparently I was not going the correct way because Pennie got me on to do this post.

VBS was fun. We did High Sea Adventure. Pats boys came for that the first week in August. The older boys were part of the staff. I was the bible story person. We acted out Peter's escape from prison, Paul's shipwreck, and the healing of the lame man by Peter and John. Kay and Jane made us a great ship in the fellowship hall. We were sad when we had to take it down.
We did something different that we will continue into Sunday School. The kids were placed in crews not grades. In each crew there was a child from each grade level except the skippers, which formerly were the preschool. They were apart except at the beginning and the closing each day. The music was great.


quilly said...

It sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun. I have thought about trying geocaching, but I don't even know where to start!

Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear from you Betty. Sounds like all is going well. Glad you had a good time at VBS :)

Melli said...

I have always wanted to do that geocaching - I just need a good partner in crime to play with me! It sounds like sO much fun!

Your VBS sounds like it was fun too. That is a very interesting way to "crew" children. Let us know how that works for Sunday School...

Finding Pam said...

Hi Betty, It sounds like a wonderful time spent with your family. My son does the geo-caching, tho I have not.

VBS is always so much fun and it is nice to have your family involved.

I hope you are good and that you are having some cooler weather. It is still mid ninties here but not as humid.

Many blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

I've heard of geocaching before, but never tried it. Good for you trying something new!

My favorite vacation spot has always been the home of my mother- and father-in-law. Money saving aside, it's the best place to be when you take the kids to Grandma's house!