Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy Time

I have been painting, not my house, but in the church. Kay who is not a designer by trade, but gifted and her family have taken on the challenge to spruce up St. Marks. Finished are the library, and Pastor Steve's office. Pennie and I are painting her SS office. We have finished two walls with two coats. We have two panels between windows with one coat. The walls are tan. the panels are are maroon. We have to move numerous items to get to the last wall, which is an area above the shelving units.
Pennie and I took some time off, and went up to Green Bay to the Heritage Hill State Park for the Laura Ingalls Wilder days. Lori and Brea joined us. The place was packed,so we did not get to see Dean Butler, Melissa Anderson or William Anderson. They let only a few in the Library at a time and there was a long line. We went to all the open buildings. It was a nice day, but storms preceded and there was a lot of muddy trails. Pennie did get to grind coffee. We chose not to scrub clothes on scrub boards. It was a very nice day, but we will come back when the park is less full. It was fun to see all the children in costume.
Vacation Bible School is coming soon. It starts on Aug. 8. Pennie and I have to figure out how to build the canon.
Quilly I have not been able to get to your blog. I have not been able to blog myself. Don't know what is going on.


Finding Pam said...

I remember when our church did that a few years ago. You and Pennie are so nice to volunteer for painting. It really is nice to see the SS classes all spruced up for the kids as well as adults.

I would love go to Laura Ingalls Wilder days. That sounds like so much fun.

I know you can't wait until VBS starts. I hope you have a great turn out.

quilly said...

Betty - -it is nice to hear you are keeping busy. Painting can be fun when you're part of a team. In fact, almost all chores can be fun when they're shared.

Laura Ingalls Wilder days sound fun, too. The crowds not so much, though.

I wonder what's up with you're not being able to visit my blog? You've missed a few book reviews, my sister's visit and our current holiday in Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii (not, Oahu, where we lived).

Try clicking on this: Quintessentially Quilly

bettygram said...

Quilly, I tried Quintessentially Quilly and I still got Neenah Yellow Pages.

Lori's Minute said...

Is Luke supposed to go to VBS at your church> I thought you wanted the kids later in August but now I am confused...will call you soon.

I agree about Heritage Hill...I liked seeing all the costumes but would like to go back when it is not so busy. However, I would not mind seeing a Civil War reenactment which would probably be another busy one. Talk to you soon.

kcinnova said...

Betty, it sounds like a fun kind of busy! Painting together is always more fun than painting alone, and I would love to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder days.
We just finished our week of VBS, which was quickly followed by my oldest heading off to a missions conference. He had "the best week ever" of his life there -- despite a ruptured ear drum and 4 stitches on his forehead. Oh, to be 19 again!

Melli said...

Oh painting CAN be fun! Once you get started! It's gathering up that motivation to BEGIN! LOL! I thought St. Mark's was already pretty spiffy... but then, I didn't see the library OR Pastor's office... or even Pennie's office for that matter!

Your trip to GB sounds like it was a lot of fun... but I, too, would enjoy it MORE when the park is less crowded.

So you must be doing PIRATES for VBS this year? What with a cannon and all... Take pictures and share!!! Oh! That's NEXT week! Yay!