Monday, June 14, 2010

Dr John's Memorial in Crystal Falls

Many things were planned that did not happen. Pennie put some pictures together for a slide show and I was to talk with it so I did not have to stand in front of the church where I was sure to cry. We worked on it through the week, but something would go wrong. The memorial was to be at 1:30PM, but we were to at the church at 12:30PM to visit before the service. We stayed in Iron Mountain 45 min. from Crystal Falls. We were still working at the slide show at 11:30. We were to meet Peter at Fabs Restaurant for lunch, the memorial was going to have only desserts. They had finished eating, but Pats kids were hungry so we ordered. I ordered toast and a egg, quick and easy. It took a half hour to get our meal. Fabs is not fast food, but it does have good food. We were late getting to the church.

This was not a bad thing it turns out. I came in the back way, and my circle was serving. They were in the kitchen so I got to greet them and was able to have a short visit with them.

It was hard going through a service twice but it was so very nice to be able to see our friends again. I also got to visit with members of the choir before the service. Our first Intern was there.

The service was very nice, but long. The one hour became two. Borning Cry was dropped. the flowers were beautiful, red roses.

On Friday at the motel the whole family was there, and we got to go swimming. On Sunday we went to one of Pats favorite restaurants in Iron Mountain B's. It has huge cinnamon rolls. We got three and shared.


quilly said...

It was nice of you to go to Crystal Falls so the people there could express their love for Dr. John and their grief over his passing. I know that couldn't have been an easy thing for any of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to do this Betty. Such a good man. :)

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh... I'm GLAD you had a memorial in Crystal Falls. I bet there were a LOT of people there! So, did the slide show WORK at the service? It sounds like it was a comedy of errors coming together - but I HOPE it all went nicely and smoothly once you were there.

Swimming with the family, and HUGE cinnamon rolls... doesn't get much better than THAT! :)

Jeni said...

I can see that a memorial service such as this would be a very poignant thing, sad yet quite necessary for all concerned -for you and the family as well as for the people of that parish. To me, my way of thinking though, if the service had already run that long, I would have been more hurt to cut "Borning Cry" than to have had the service run a tad longer to make room for it. I love that song very much -along with a goodly number of other hymns too -but that one, I have put it in my "funeral request list" to be sung when my days are done. It just says so much.

Finding Pam said...

Oh, Betty. I am so glad that Dr. John was honored with a memorial to all of the people he served and to those that loved him.

Even though it was long and difficult for you just know how much they appreciated it.

I am glad that your circle was serving and you were able to visit with them ahead of time.

You are a treasure to your family and to all that know you.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I am glad to read that you had a chance to visit Crystal Falls and have a Memorial for Dr John.

Finding Pam said...

Betty, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it.

BP will hopefully pay for a long time. I just wish they had been up front with us, but I guess that was very difficult to do. You know to tell the truth.

Nea said...

The world was a better place with Dr. John in it, I was so sad to hear of his much loss lately, it is overwhelming. I hope you are finding comfort from family and the inner strength to get through it all. My Mom passed in Jan. and I am still not over grieving. They say it gets better, but it is just so sad....I think of you and wish you strength and peace. nea

Lori's Minute said...

I thought it was a nice service but I could almost hear John saying "Enough already!" It made me chuckle. But, I think a lot of people just had to say something and that is what the memorial is for, right? I wish we could have stayed longer to visit and share in the cinnemon rolls!

Perhaps you could still do the slide show with your voiceover and put it on your blog when it works? I would like to hear it.