Saturday, June 5, 2010

Early Morning Surprise

Thursday night those interested in VBS gathered to do some more planning. Those gathered were excited at the way everything was going. Stations to teach were picked.

Saturday a Christian Ed meeting was called for at 9:00 AM. Pennie was on call, and had many calls out, one coming at 7:00 AM. She was to be off at 8:00 AM. It was five minutes to nine when I picked up the agenda on what I knew she wanted to discuss and headed out to the church. The back door was locked. I had Pennie's keys so I unlocked it and came in with the agendas. The superintendent office was open and two of the committee were sitting in the room. I was a bit surprised, but figured they had keys also. I noticed the cupboards were open and again I figured they opened them. Then Pastor came over and asked if we were the first people in the church, and if we noticed anything wrong with the locks. The lady who had the trouble with the talking parrot said she was there first and had let the others in. They noticed nothing wrong with the doors. Pastor said that his office was broken into, and the gift cards he gave to those who needed help were taken and a small amount of money he had in his desk was taken. Pennie came just at that time. So we explained what had happened. Pastor went back to wait for the police. We sat down to begin our meeting , when we noticed the safe which was not used but taking up our space was opened and a metal box with keys were laying on the floor. Then we noticed the door jam was pulled from the wall. Pennie's office was broken into also. We reported this to Pastor, and then we did a check of the other rooms. In the nursery we found where they had entered through the window. In the library where the food pantry is the door to it was open which is closed but not locked. Nothing was taken. There is a paddle locked door with items to give away which showed signs that there was an attempted to enter.

We made plans for next years SS. Another meeting was held to find out the teachers wants for their rooms, it was 1:00PM when we left the church a little unnerved.

The good part of this was there was no damage beyond what was done to break in. The large expensive copy machine, printer, and office equipment was not taken. We were also advised to not enter the place where they broke in by the police. I will leave you with that advise, if your office or home is broken into do not go in just call the police. To do that you have to be more observant than we are.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear this Betty. How sad. There are so many vicious people in the world. I'm just glad that no one was hurt and that there wasn't a whole lot of damage. But still the violation of someone entering is bad enough. You gave some good words of advice my friend :) I hope they catch them. I'm sure it will be almost impossible to do but there is always hope. :)

quilly said...

As Thom said, I am glad no one was hurt. Our church in Vegas was robbed so many times we finally put alarms on all the doors and windows.

When my house was robbed my friend and I did go in. We were taking and didn't notice anything wrong until we stepped into the living room and all the electronics were gone. Then we heard the back door slam and I actually ran to see if I could see someone and maybe catch them. My friend stopped me.

I wanted my stuff. She wanted me safe.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Sorry to read this Betty that your Church was Broken into, but glad that no one was hurt.

Melli said...

Grrrrrrrrr! Oh that just aggravates me! Churches work sO hard to be HELPING people and then jerks treat them like this! And the saddest part is... if those robbers had come in the front door and ASKED for help, they more than likely would have received some! But noooo.... I'm so sorry Betty! I AM glad everyone was okay.

I doubt that I would be ANY more observant than you were. You aren't thinking you NEED to be...