Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jeff's Photo Story April

Luke Fuller surveyed the courtroom. It was still and empty, not as he remember it sitting on the bench. He felt he matured in the years he served, and to a point that was true. The last years became difficult. There were numerous people coming before him with DUI charges, and he wanted to change, to influence them in such a way as to turn their lives around.
Some of these were what people called bums, but there were those who held influential positions in the community. Even he before the event that changed his life felt that he could drink and drive. A little alcohol would not impede him.

The words " There has been an accident, and your daughter has been taken to Mercy Hospital. "was the beginning of a change in his life. A drunk driver hit her, and left her there beside the road. The driver was not a drunk, but an ordinary gentleman who had a few drinks with friends after work. His daughter did not die but never really recovered even after years of treatment.
Now he was to retire, a time to play chess and do some wood working. He did not feel he was ready to retire there was more to be done, but for health reasons he was forced to step down.


Nessa said...

For good use of the pictures and a concise story. It tells so much in a few paragraphs.

Melli said...

Betty, you do so well with these picture invoked stories. I look at those pictures and little comes to me - certainly NOTHING that could be cohesively tied together into a story! This was very good! I feel his angst!

Thom said...

Great story Betty...I thoroughly enjoyed it. The use of the pictures adds so much into it and this month I really like the black and white

quilly said...

Interesting story. I found myself wanting to talk to this fellow and find out more about his life.