Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Pet

My grandkids and daughter got me a new pet. It is a stuffed black Lab, a Webkinz With the pets code you can play on line at Webkinz. This is great for the young and old. You can decorate rooms and buy items for the pet you have. There are games where you have to add numbers or find words. At the school there ways to work on your memory. I like these games because they are short and they have a variety of types. I also like that my grandchildren are into these. It gives a sharing area.

I also have a question. Are all items that you sweep, shovel, rake, or mop with built so they come apart and you spend your time fixing the item?

1 comment:

quilly said...

Nice pet. No shoveling!

I just bought a very expensive mop that disintegrated when I put it in water.