Thursday, January 10, 2008

When is a Walk nota Walk?

The answer is when you are walking with Maggie our Springer Spaniel. We have been working on Maggie walking by our side. I have been having better walks walking down the street in front of our house but it is not a very long walk. Most of the snow has melted because of the rain and warmer weather so this morning I decided to try walking in the back of our lot to the church and school. I walk around the soccer field twice. First there was some snow left. Then we[Maggie and I] saw the rabbit hop in front of us. Maggie wanted to pull me after the rabbit but I managed to stay on trail. We had just began the trip around the field when her leg got tangled in the leash. I reached down to untangle her and she pulled the leash out of my hand and off she ran. After all the practice of come when I call went out the window. She paid no attention to me. I know not to run after her because she will run away faster than I can catch her. So I continued walking as I was still walking her. She ran far beyond our usual path but she kept me in sight. She stopped to examine some dead plants in a garden and I was able to grab her leash. What I learned from the walk is that there is a lot of work to do. My fear is there is an express way near by and she will run onto it.


Nessa said...

They listen better as time goes by and they get older. They streets always worry me, too.

Jill said...

Reminds me of my dogs. Lady, the Grand Dame, lumbers along slowly and thinks she is above exercise. Lady wants to go all the time. She has gotten loose twice since we've been here. Don't you hate it when they stay just out of reach? We live right off a busy street and I dont even want to think about her getting onto that street.

AtomiK Kitten said...

When is a walk not a walk...when my Boomer walks me!

Janvangogh said...

Maybe a raw steak kept in your pocket would be a good idea when you go for a walk. :-)

Louisiana said...

oh Betty, i'm so glad you or Maggie didn't get hurt. i hope your walks start being more enjoyable to you as they seem to be with her.

thank you for reminding me about the story of the Parrot. i remember either you or Dr. John sharing it last year. as you can imagine, Fran is just thrilled..every day asking if it's ready to come home but we wait till it eats/drinks on it's own.

we are probably getting a pup too. it has to be a tiny, tiny thing and no shedding for the allergies but they have wanted one so bad for so long. in my uncles house in Miami they had a Chihuaha that was hillarious and i feel so bad the kids haven't had their pets as they have always wanted.

thank you for the wonderful gift. we went to the customer service because they had to change it for it was from one country to another (telling you so that you guys know what you might have to do) and then we got the most beautiful stand for our aquarium. thank you so very much. i am taking some pics and sending them to you in email soon.

pls receive many hugs from us here. know you are always in our hearts and toughts and we appreciate all the caring, prayers and love you give us.


judie said...

Good luck! I've never been able to train Roxie to heel. She is in too much of a hurry.