Friday, January 18, 2008

What did you do to help your team win?

As my daughter left to see the Packers play last week, her dad said," You know if they lose it will be your fault because you are going to the game instead of watching it on TV like you have all season. They won does that mean she has to go this week? Can't afford it and she doesn't have tickets.
We pick a Packer shirt to wear to watch the games and wear the same shirt if it brings a win. Some people sit in the same chair to watch. My question is what do you do to help the team win?


Nessa said...

We're from Philadelphia. Here were mean to our players.

Lori's Minute said...

Every time they started to lose, I would go upstairs and take a nap and wake up just at the end of the game where I would find out they won. It worked for all the games except the Chicago game and of course, this last one. Pete was at the game and it was in overtime so the kids and I ran upstairs and I pretended to be taking a nap....almost worked.

Jill said...

Well our Texans are still in kindergarten as far as learning how to win the big one. We do have days where fans are supposed to wear Battle red shirts or Steel blue. Wait till next year...again. Sigh.

judie said...

Oh dear. I root for whomever Tony Dunge is coaching for. ;) Actually, I turn the channel. I'd rather watch a good movie or skating. I went to one pro game in my life, back in Joe Namath days, and that was enough.

Stay warm!