Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend News

Pat and his boys and Curtis came down for the weekend. We for the most part stayed at the house. The boys played on the computer, and we watched snake movies all day on Saturday. We went out to eat at Culvers. By the way my daughter doesn't like snakes but the boys do.
Sunday we made a breakfast of baked french toast, which the boys and Dr. John did not like. I liked it. We went to church. After church they served a meal, with a large variety of foods. Eggs , muffins, veggie pizza, fruit pizza, pancakes and waffles. The bible camp young people were trying to raise money for camp.
We played Canasta where I finally won a game.


Melli said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend... all except for the snake movies! SNAKE movies??? Ugh! Baked french toast sounds good to me! Gotta be a LOT less fat (and calories) than the fried kind! I'm sure Dr. John and the boys made up for it at the church breakfast! :)

quilly said...

I could do without the snake movies!

The most fattening French Toast I ever ate was baked -- in creme broulie sauce! (Yum!)

And, it's good to win a hand every now and again, it provide hope and keeps the game fun.

Thom said...

Was it snakes on a plane? That movie was horrible and I remember when it was coming out how much advertising it got

Nessa said...

You watch more than one different snake movie?

Did you win money?

bettygram said...

There were different movies running on the Sci Fi channel.
We do not have any money in our card game.

Louisiana said...

hi, hope you are well. i see you posted my pic from that one summer, lol...my blog is going private so i can feel free to blog again. pls make sure i have your email so i don't miss out on more time with you.. love.

thinking of you both always. hope you have well. you have pretty nice looking grandkids. much love, xo.

The Old Fart said...

Except for the movies with snakes, it sounds like a fun weekend. I am not a snake person, I wouldn't want to see any harm come to the Wee Critters, but I am just as happy not to have to deal with them. I don't know about the Canasta, I probably would be easy pickings.