Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeff's Photo Story

Slip wanted to retire. Slip was not 65 or even 55 but he was tired of bus tours, and large noisy crowds, and drugs, the late nights of drinking . He wanted a more simpler life. Hide, where he grew up was a very small community. There were no bright lights among tall skyscrapers. Slip could hide in Hide and become Henry Cole again. With his guitar and a small duffel bag, Henry left the long sleek tour bus and got a ticket on Amtrak to take him off to his boyhood home.
Amtrak did not go to Hide, so Henry made a phone call to a number of an old acquaintance, Lori Luck. Why he had kept her number he was not sure. She was attractive,and funny, but a bit of a goody two shoes. Lori agreed to pick up Henry,and because of the large amount of time since they had seen each other the ride up to Hide began in silence.But soon they where chatting up a storm going over past times, recalling teachers, and classmates.
The present had not been treating Lori well. Lori had not married, and she stayed at home caring for her dad. Hart Luck had an accident that left him unable to walk, but he continued to manage the bowling alley, with Lori's help. Lori knew little of carpentry and the alley needed a lot of repair. She told none of this to Henry. Henry would not care, he was a wild one. She told Henry she ran the bowling alley now. That her family had a ranch was also mentioned. What she did not say was that they had one llama on that ranch. There were no cows or horses, just one lama. She left Henry at the Pine Tree Motel lobby.
After washing up Henry wanted to see the town, and walking was no problem it could be covered in a short mile. He went to the school, there was only one building that contained grade, middle and high school. He sat on a rusty swing. He slowly swung back and forth and the memories came back. The teasing of Ricky Lang and his gang of what he considered tough boys. He shuddered, maybe this coming back was not a good idea. In the city he was a star, here he was considered odd at best.
He got off the the swing and continued up the road. The buildings looked so worn, just some elbow grease or paint could spruce it up a bit. Before him was the dentist's office, looking as threatening as when he was a child. The sign was painted over, Dr. Payne must not be practicing any more. I wonder who is the dentist now? He move closer to the sign and could not believe the name, Dr. Richard Lang. That is one Dr. he did not want to see.
Across the street from the dentist's office was Luck's Bowling Alley. It was very strange but he had passed a number of people on the street,but none of them talked to him, a familiar face would be nice right now. He entered the building and saw Lori instructing a family. On the next lane a group of young men stopped bowling turning around to stare at him. An uncomfortable feeling arose in him. He turned around and left not knowing if Lori had seen him.
It was then he saw it. Next to Luck's Bowling Alley was an abandoned building with a leather bag of rusty screws sitting on the door frame. The door was ajar, allowing him to see a covered piano, microphones , and a drum stand. He thought the building abandoned but maybe not. He entered carefully expecting someone might jump out at him. Henry could see a potential dance hall,with the beautiful hardwood floors. He would have to investigate the possibility of purchasing the building, even if it did need some repair work. Suddenly he felt himself falling.
Ricky Lang's face was nose to nose with him. The gang was around him as Henry came to. Oh no , he was sitting in the dentist chair.
" I am sorry that I placed you in my chair,but this is the best place to examine you. You seem to be fine,but that was quite a fall. We thought we recognized you and followed." Richard said.
Henry relaxed.
" I am interested in purchasing the building I was in. Do you know who owns it?"
"yes I do."
With the opening of his dance hall Slip was no longer hiding in Hide.


Jeff B said...

Great names throughout. My favorite was Dr Payne for a dentist. How fitting.

Thom said...

Great story and I also love the names you used. Very fitting

jay said...

Ha! There is no way to hide from your past, or, it seems, your destiny!

I wonder if there's anyone I know left in my old home town?

Nessa said...

It's funny how people are different when we grow up. I find small town's very fascinating. I enjoyed your play with the names, too.

Dr.John said...

I enjoyed the story and the names.

Finding Pam said...

Once again, such great writing. It is hard to go back home.

Cherie said...

I find myself jumping on the bandwagon, but it's only because it's so true. Fantastic names! Allowed for some excellent word play. "Hiding in Hide" indeed. :) I think that Slip can find a good life there.

Anonymous said...

going home can sure bring up old feelings. I am glad he made a life for himself with the music he still loved!

Melli said...

I LOVE this story! I especially love the name Slip - how on earth did you think of it!? And the dance hall! YAY! Just what that sleepy little town needs!

Melli said...

Oh by the way... I just wanted to tell you how HAPPY I was to hear that YOU are excited about me coming to Neenah too! Because you know... I do these things... make arrangements and invite myself places for my own selfish pleasures - though I have to say this time it really was God's idea -- but at any rate, I DO these things... and it's just EVER so much NICER if I truly am welcome when I do it! LOL! Because I can really just imagine your family sitting around the canasta table scratching their heads and saying WHO IS THIS WOMAN??? And WHY is she coming HERE? ... ... and that's just a hard one to explain, isn't it?

juliana said...

this was an enjoyable read. clever names!

quilly said...

Clapping!~ I loved this! You and Dr. John both wrote fabulous stories this week! Take a bow!

And I love where the bucket full of screws wound up!