Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Zoo Tycoon

I wrote about how the small cages at the zoo I visited upset me. My daughter found a computer game Zoo Tycoon and then Zoo Tycoon 2. I have been building my own zoo. I failed badly the first time. Then I built a fine zoo but my animals multiplied too fast. I then found they could be released into the wild or adopted by another zoo.That helped but I have lost some animals from old age. I have lazy workers who like to sit on the guests benches. My daughter said pay them more ,but I have not found out how to do that. This game gives you information on many animals and would be good for young children if they took the time to study each animal they placed in the zoo. There are different forms to play. I am playing a game where I have all the money I want but another game gives a certain amount to work with. I am having fun.

Dr john and I went to see his lung doc today. His lung x-ray showed his lung looked better, but his breathing has deteriorated.


Margaret said...

My prayers for Dr. John, although I do that anyways. =O)

Zoo Tycoon is fun. That is funny, the animals were having tons of babies on you. You didn't put in rabbits did you?

Melli said...

Oh yea! Those Tycoon games are verrrry involved! And the kids DO learn from them -- way faster than WE do! LOL! Get one of your grandsons to help you -- you'll have a prize winning zoo in NO time!!!