Monday, May 11, 2009

Tea and Cheese Cake

The tea on Friday was a very good fund raiser. Pennie did a lot of complaining about it but, it went off well. We were in a pickle because I sold or gave away my tea cups and table linens. I found John's mother's tea pot but no cups or saucers, the reason for complaining.
We shared a table with Mary Jane. We had asked Lori and Bree to come but they could not. Mary Jane asked her daughter, and granddaughter, and niece and a friend. Mary Jane's daughter could not come because she was working but she wanted to help so she set the table up for us.
Set the table with what you ask? Pennie went out on the Saturday before the tea with a friend from college the Other Pennie as we call her. They went to Hobby Lobby they saw these unique tea pots in bright colors with odd shapes. Pennie found three pots. She bought eight orange place mats . One of the pots was purple and legs in black and white stripes and orange handle and spout. It had a lid with what looked like legs coming out the top and they were black and white striped.
I found a white plastic table clothe that looked like linen. I then I picked artificial flowers in bright orange. purple, yellow, red and blue, at Walmart. The flowers went into the purple tea pot,for a center piece. I got paper dinner napkins in white. I found coffee mugs in white with back stripes, they had to do for tea cups.
When she set the table Mary Jane's daughter brought black plates and black trays for serving the silverware was colored plastic. Our table looked like New Orleans where the youth are going. The other tables were Victorian looking. Pictures of the tea are found at St Marks web sight found on Dr John's blog.
We served cheese cake, tiny eclairs, and pumpernickel bread spread with mayonnaise and a cucumber slice on top. Each table did their own goodies to eat.
The program had a woman who had a shop that sold tea. We learned that to the English dunking the tea bag is bad manners. Also you do not but the bag after use on the table or plate but ask for a separate plate. We learned about making tea leaves. Then there was a man who had shop that sold bird seed. He talked about the best seed to use for what birds and the best feeders. He gave away a number of bags of seeds. Mary Jane's guest won a large bag of seed.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place setting and I'm glad the tea went off so good. :)

Lori's Minute said...

I am glad you wrote about this because I meant to ask about it when we were in Milwaukee. My intent was to try to sit and talk to everyone but that did not happen.

THe pictures look great. Also, we laughed at the card you have was pretty funny when Luke read it aloud in the car.

Glad the tea went well...let us know if there is one next year.

Melli said...

Oh my gosh!!! OF COURSE your table won! That is the most wonderful tea party I have EVER seen! Luz & I wish we had been there! Especially cuz I NEED to win some seed! You have NO idea how much seed I go through each week! LOL! You and Pennie and Mary Jane did a GREAT job with that table! I absolutely LOVE it!

Nessa said...

Your table is adorable and fun. What a great idea for a fund raiser.

quilly said...

Great table setting -- I bet it promoted an atmosphere of fun and relaxation.