Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Cold

The weather is very cold and was this whole weekend. My youngest son and family and friend came for the weekend. The kids came to go sledding. It was Too Cold, so instead we went to the movies. I don't go sledding any more just watch. I did go to the movie with them. We also played canasta and I won with my partners. I had as partner Alex first, my oldest grandson, then Pat my son, and then Pennie My daughter. I lost to Dr John when we played three handed. The movie we saw was "National Treasure" I think that was the name. I liked it. On Sunday we went to church the whole family and that was nice. Pat and Curtis hauled things up and down our basement steps and Alex snowblowed the drive way. Warm feelings even with blowing snow.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl

I began watching the game not caring who lost or won, after all the Packers were not playing. I had the feeling New England would win because no one had beaten them yet. As I watched I liked the job the Giants were doing on defence, and I wanted them to win. THEY DID! It was a good game. Commercials: I liked the Coke one, and the Bud one.

It was my sons birthday on the first and Ididn't get to say Happy Birthday on my blog. Happy Birthday oldest son. I was so happy at his birth and so scared. I hadn't taken care of any babies, toddlers, but no babies. My mother-in-law who had foster children let me change a diaper in preparation. I just had the thought on how diapers have changed. On that first diaper change it was cloth and I used safety pins. All my children used cloth but when we camped I tried disposable ones. I think all my grandchildren had disposable ones.