Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#15

Happy Birthday Dr. John


rubefacient: 1 causing redness of skin
2 application as mustard plaster
senticous prickly, thorny
divagations: 1to wander, stray
2 to digress in speech

Sandra Shore was enjoying her leisurely walk, on a beautiful day, down the paved path in the park. Her mind was processing though the facts of the fire and her curse, but she noticed the well cared for gardens as she passed them. The only plants she cared for were in her apartment. The invisible bear was confined therefore giving her no concern, but something evil started that fire she was sure even if the fire department had not as yet said how the fire started.
She was not startled when she was joined on her walk by an invisible penguin. She wished he would have a conversation with her, and give her a explanation of the curse or the fire. Now in the normal world there would not even be an expectation of that happening, but in her crazy world she sat down on a park bench hoping it would do just that. It just stood there.
The warm sun and the calmness of the park led her to close her eyes and she slept. She was back at the Poets Corner sitting at a table when she notices movement in the kitchen, a person not a cook or chef, someone who should not be there.The individual has on a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up covering the face. The sweat shirt is black or dark blue. The individual places an object under the counter and moves among the cooking staff with a false smile. Sandy follows the individual through the kitchen and out the back door. The hooded sweatshirt becomes flowery multi- colored. The explosion happens and the hooded person vanishes.
"Look out!" A young child throwing a large ball looses control and the ball is headed toward Sandy. She awakes with a start. Putting up her hands warding off the ball, she notices the penguin motioning her to follow.
The paved path becomes dirt and disappears. Sandy finds she is walking through senticous bushes. The penguin picks up the pace and sandy is running, her calves in pain from thorns. Way ahead Sandy sees a young man in a hooded sweat shirt with the pattern from her dream. Sandy runs faster, she wants to get to that man. They run into a small shopping mall parking lot. The young man runs into a comic magazine shop. He is followed by the penguin and Sandy.The hooded man knowing the shop exits out the back door, penguin and Sandy following with an angry shop clerk shouting at all three.
They exit onto the parking lot only to lose the hooded man.
Back in her apartment Sandy applies rubefacient to her wounds, and calls the police. Her excited conversation is full of divagations. The police hear her but do not understand her.


Dr.John said...

I wouldn't understand somebody that has an invisible penguin either.
Good writing.

Melli said...

Poor Sandy... she is in this alone. Nobody is ever gonna "get it"... How sad for her.

anthonynorth said...

I like the idea of an invisible penguin. Must get one.
Enjoyed your story.

Anonymous said...

Excellent writing. I really enjoy the invisible penguin. Really enjoy this :)

quilly said...

Well, Sandy is no longer trying to get rid of her invisible penguin and is learning to work with it, so progress has been made!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

It's not what life gives you, but how you deal with it... including invisible penguins I guess, lol.