Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some more exciting things

I usually don't post real life because mine is dull but a few things have been happening. First I went to a woman's gathering in Appleton before Melli came. The speaker was a former pastor in Marguette, near Crystal Falls where we were living before. She is retired and went to Israel first as a visitor and then she found this village where everything was done as in Jesus time. She became a tour guide.
Next Melli came and you have read both Melli and John's account. It sure was fun and we laughed so much, and I got out to do so much more than I would on my own.
I have coming up some events. My youngest grandson is having a birthday today. I think we will celebrate on Sunday when we go to the Brewers game in Milwaukee. Dr John is not going, because our seats are way up at the top and I don't think he can make it. He is not too much into baseball anyway, but I know he would like to see the kids. Pennie is greeting on Sunday. How long we can stay at the service is a question.
On Friday there is the fund raising tea at St Marks. That should be fun. Pennie got a very cute tea pot in bright colors. We buy a table for twenty-five dollars and decorate it with linen and things and provide a dessert for the guests we invite.
Oh I should have my grass cut for the first time. My tomato seeds came they are in preplanted pots. We bought one of those bags where the plants grow upside down. This is going to be another adventure because I have not been able to grow plants from seeds. I have never grown tomatoes before.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update you have been busy and are going to be busier. I'll be anxious to hear about the progress on the tomatoes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Aloha :)

quilly said...

Good luck with your tomatoes. I have 4 on my tomatoes plant right now I am waiting to get ripe.

Melli said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! You neeeeeed to post more! I love it when you do! I get so sad knowing that you guys can't go out much... I hope you get that lift for the car. I really do!

Your going to have FUN at that tea party this weekend! AND on Mother's Day for sure!

I wonder what I'M doing for Mother's Day??? Hmmmmm.....

Nessa said...

You have lots of fun and interesting things going on.

Lori's Minute said...

We are llooking forward to the Brewer game. Glad you had a good time with Melli...she seemed like someone who likes to get out and do things which is good for those of us who don't.