Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dead Sea Scrolls, and more

On Saturday I went with 24 people on a bus to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. I found it very interesting. There was just so much to take in in the time we had. I should have bought a book, to help in the memory of what I saw.
There was a bad part and that was I had a cold, and was not feeling the best, and I was soon very tired. I was introduced now to the museum and I can go back when I am feeling better.
Sunday I was still feeling bad, but I had to teach so the plan was to go home to bed after church. One of the ladies from my bible study group invited me to go with her to her son's church, the one on the end of my block, to eat. The youth prepare a meal once a month to raise money for a mission trip. Her daughter- in -law helped in the preparation of the meat sauce for the pasta. My friends granddaughter was not able to come. After the meal, my friend gave me a tour of the church. A friend of hers, and a member of the church is an artist, had a mural in the church, and she shared it with me. My friend asked if I had time to go for a ride. We went down to the park. In the park there is a museum which has a collection of paperweights. We went in and I learned about glass making. We called it a day then. I came home feeling much better.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving Slowly

Institutions do not move quickly. Insurance companies, banks etc. go at their speed not at the speed I would like them to move. When I am facing something I do not like to do, I face it right off the bat so the uncomfortable feeling will go away. Paper work is not something I like to do. and I started there, and now I am holding waiting for new checks and forms from one bank. The problem is I get stuck. There are probably other things I could be doing, so I am going to do other things today.
Pennie got the St Marks web page working but it still has problems.
I had the wrong date for the Dead Sea Scrolls trip. The trip is on the twentieth of March. I was ready last week, and then I checked the bulletin and saw the correct date. I have that to look forward to.
The service was a nice healing service last night. It was not attended well. There were more at the meal before the service. I did not go forward because I do not know what to ask for. A former pastor sang "In The Garden" all sang the chorus. The pastors sermon was on the difference of being healed, and a cure.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How am I doing?

I have been asked by many concerned friends how am I doing. I think I am doing well. I have my sad feel sorry for me time, but for the most part I am OK.
I have given this some thought. Thirty-five years ago Dr John developed fluid on the brain which acted like a tumor. They thought he might die. His heart stopped many times on the six block trip to the hospital. He had surgery in Green Bay Christmas Eve. He recovered.
Eight years ago in September he went into a coma, and the Dr. called me and said he was dieing and to call my children to come home. They sent him to the larger hospital in Marquette. They told me he was a dead man when he came in. God performed miracle after miracle. It was a very hard and scary time for me, for he was never out of danger. Dr John had many challenges in the six months he was there. He went home on a ventilator, which he used at night. It took three years and help from Mayo to get off the ventilator to the Bi Pap.
These eight years have not been easy for him. We may have had longer time if we have been able to get to Dr. Wilson. He just seemed to go down hill in the last two weeks before his death. He did not want to go to the hospital and face it all over again.
The eight years might have not been easy , but he got to see his grandchildren grow up. They worked on the model trains with him. Bree shared Pigeon Falls with him writing the Co-coo song. She wrote a story for his contest. The move to Neenah brought the family closer.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I thank God for the extra years He gave us. We found a new church family at St. Marks, and friends on the blog.
I attended the weekend visioning for St Marks. We looked at our strengths. We also thought about how we would like to see the church grow. We made plans and times for the changes.
This coming Saturday I am going with a group from St Marks to Milwaukee to the museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.