Saturday, May 30, 2009

Raven challenge 65

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: parasite, meals on wheels, crows, it's my fault, everything but the kitchen sink, on sale, patriotism, the love of my life, library card, common sense And for the mini: blackmail, California, stethoscope, postage, crank

A continuing story of Sandra Shore.

The comic book, her only clue, Sandy read very carefully. During the intense study, she made numerous trips to the kitchen, and her cupboard was bare, eaten was everything but the kitchen sink. Its my fault that I have gained so much weight she said to herself. She wished she had meals on wheels.
The invisible hero in the comic book were crows. A parasite had mutated ,and was threatening the world. Patriotism was encouraged by the lab Common Sense. Common Sense was the lab that the parasite had begun its growing. Dr Fling brought in an American Eagle to eat the parasite,but it was too large and clumsy in the building. Flying without impediment the crows took out the parasite's leading troops. The credit went to the American Eagle, and the truly patriotic invisible crows graciously let him have the honor.
Sandy could not find a clue. What did that story have to do with the explosion? While she was pacing back and forth to the kitchen, her penguin dressed like Shirlock Homes appeared handing her a library card on which the book The Love of My Life was taken out. It was her card and the book was way over due, although she could not remember having had the book.
The over due book required Sandy to make a trip to the library to pay the fine. Really she suspected that the penguin gave her the card to get her to go to the library. As she climbed the steps to enter the library she noticed the sign toy polar bears on sale in the window of the building next door. After paying the fine, Sandy decided to check out the toy polar bears. The polar bears seemed to be an odd item to put on sale.

Mini Challenge:

The building next door to the library was a toy shop, but to Sandy it looked more like a museum. The toys were vintage, and the prices were high. Odder if there was such a thing, was each of the three medium size polar bears was holding something different. One had a letter, one had a stethoscope, the last one a crank. Sandy picked up the bear holding the letter. The envelope had a postage stamp. It was addressed to Sandra Shore at her address in California. The envelope was not sealed, and a letter could be seen. Sandy removed the letter. It read:
Sandra you should look closer at your penguin. That was not your penguin that gave you your library card,but a substitute. If you want your penguin back safe and sound, buy this bear and put $40,000 in this envelope, and bring back the bear. Also stop your investigation into the Poet's Corner explosion. She stood in shock. This was a blackmail letter. From the corner of her eye she caught the exiting man in the multicolored hooded sweatshirt and a large full sized polar bear.

Continued next week.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Putting in the Dirt- Taking out theDirt

Putting in the dirt and taking out the dirt is what I have been doing for weeks. We bought the bag for growing tomatoes. We need something to hang the bag on so we bought a yard pole with four hooks thinking we would get hanging plants and my strawberry plant to even it.The pole comes with and end with two fork like bottom pieces to put in the ground. We began with trying to put the pole in the ground. The ground was too hard. We bought and auger to go on the end of a drill to make a hole. We tried that. Ground still too hard. I had a small barrel on top of a large one last year, so I took the smaller barrel and filled it with dirt and put the pole in there. The pole would stand with hanging baskets until the 40 mile per hour winds came. Down came the pole and baskets. I took the dirt out. John cut two 2x4's nailing them together and drilling a hole for the pole we put them in the barrel covered them with dirt. Did not hold plants. I took out the dirt. The next thing we did was cut a circle the size of the barrel bottom from fiber board put that in the bottom and nailed and bolted the cross 2x4s to it. We covered them with the dirt. That did not work. I took out the dirt. We using L shaped clamps bolted the fiberboard circle to the sides of the barrel. Put back the dirt. I can hang two basket still not sure if they will stand in a wind storm but there is no way four baskets can hang. We don't understand why the pole falls over. It could be I am not getting the pole to the bottom. Dr. John is going to watch as I put the baskets on the pole on Friday. Dr John works in the garage and I am doing the work outside. He can sit on the walker.
Now to the question of the bird house. The bird house project got postponed do to the problem of the hanging plants. The house is painted and on a pole that should be above Maggies leaping abilities. The pole will sit between the pickets on the fence. I put the L shaped brackets so we can fasten the pole keeping it standing. The top brackets are on, but the bottom are not. I would also like my daughter to help me put it up holding it while I fasten the pole.
Meantime the tomato plant is at Pennies she has a hanging pole which was in when we bought the house and it is in cement. We are not leaving them at Pennies because Dr John would to see them grow.
When Dr John said he had a dull day on Tuesday that did not include me. I went to bible study, and, when I came home I planted two rose bushes, and weeded out my front garden, and planted it. I used the hose for the first time this year, and found that the nozzle had cracked at the trigger and I got as wet as the plants.
We have had a rainy week, and the boy down the street did not cut the grass when the sun finally shone. We have very tall grass.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#16


niddering-cowardly person, a wretch
amanuensis-person employed to write what another dictates, secretary
tyro-a beginner in learning anything, novice

Sam Smith escorted people from their cars to a circle around the casket at Peaceful Rest cemetery for the burial of James Hasten. The steady softly falling rain added to the somberness of the small group. There were no voices, all that could be heard were only the rain drops hitting the umbrellas, and soft sobbing accompanied by twittering of the birds. Breaking into the quietness was a large gasp and "He can't be buried there, that is my plot." The voice heard was that of Mary Ann Ross, cousin of James Hasten.
Sam Smith quickly went to talk to Mary Ann. The more they talked the a more agitated Mary Ann became. Frank Short's name was repeatedly thrown out. After fifteen minutes Sam suggested that the group go to a local restaurant on his tab, while he went back to the funeral home to check on the facts.
People who become funeral directors should go into the business to want to serve someone in a time of need. That was not niddering Sam Smith's reason for becoming an undertaker. Funeral directors make good money, and he inherited the business from his father, so there was little outlay at the beginning, the building furnishings, and reputation were establish.
Sam did not do the work, it was done by a tyro Frank Short. It was March and Frank came down with the flu, and Sam had to do the work involved in the Jim Hasten funeral. To make matters worse Janice Huff the amanuensis had caught what Frank had, she also was gone.
Paper and charts were pulled out and thrown around as Sam searched for the information. Sam took out his anger on the absent Mary Ann. She should have just kept her mouth shut. What difference where she would be buried make? He finally had all the paper work to find she was right. He called in the gravediggers to make another burial spot for James. He contacted the family to make arrangements for the funeral the next day.
The next day had better weather and James Hasten was laid to rest. Frank short and Janice Huff returned to work. Janice turned to Sam after she restored the office to order," Did you know that James is now resting in your plot?"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Remember those who gave their lives, in the wars past and present.
To us who do not have love ones in danger, a reminder to pray for those who are. It is so easy to have picnics and good times and those are good, but give some time in prayer for those who are making the land safe.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Raven challenge 64

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: albino, trench, marble, assistant, Indian, What's that supposed to mean?, sound first principles, the key thing, moat, curtain Mini challenge: under the surface, doomed, grand design, temple, aspirin

This is a continuation of Sandra Shore's Curse.

Sandy felt frustration at communicating with the police. She knew who set the explosion at the Poets Corner. This information came to her in a dream, hard for the officers to accept that as a reliable fact. To tell them that her invisible penguin also knew it to be true would send them into laughter, and her, detained for observation. She would have to track down that hooded man on her own, well not really on her own she had the penguin as an assistant.
She would have to use sound first principles, that would be the key thing. The changing of the hooded sweat shirt from a dark color to a many colored one, what's that supposed to mean? There was an Indian museum near that shopping mall where she saw the man in the many-colored sweat shirt, and she could go back to the Comic Book Shop to ask to see if anyone recognized a man in a hooded sweatshirt that had many colors. The more she thought about it there were a number of little shops she could inquire about the man. Her first step now was to go back to the shopping mall via car, not foot this time.
First she decided I will go to the Comic Book Shop, because the man seemed familiar with it. There appeared to be no one there until an man came from behind a curtain behind the marble counter. He had a spike hair style died in orange and blue. His tattooed arms were visible as he was wearing a blue jean vest. On the wall above the man were enlarged copies of comic book cover pages. The one that struck her was of an albino tiger protecting a small boy from a polar bear on a bridge over a moat in front of a castle. It was a reminder of her encounter with the polar bear at the Poet's Corner.
"I have a question of you. Do know a man in a hooded many colored sweatshirt? "
" Why? Are you the Police?"
"No, I just want to talk to him. I followed him in here yesterday, but did not get close enough to talk."
"Followed, You were chasing Him."
"Yes, I need to talk to him."
The clerk said"hmph," and turned away.
Sandy felt that she was getting no where, so she asked," Do you have a copy of the comic book up there. Unseen Heroes?"
He silently went over to a near by table with boxes of comic books and pulled out a copy of Unseen Heroes by Ino Trench.
Sandy paid for the book, and left the shop. She went into the other shops, and no one identified the man in the Multi- colored sweatshirt.
Disappointment swept over Sandy as she returned to her apartment. The comic book her only possible lead and that was a very slim hope.

Mini Challenge:

Unseen Heroes would be an ordinary comic book to the average person, but Sandy saw there was more under the surface. The writer wrote about a grand design. The heroes were invisible and were part of a group that met at an ancient temple. Although each victim seemed doomed an invisible hero would step in and save them. What was different is that the heroes where just not humans but part of the animal kingdom. Sandy needed an aspirin to study this comic book further.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#15

Happy Birthday Dr. John


rubefacient: 1 causing redness of skin
2 application as mustard plaster
senticous prickly, thorny
divagations: 1to wander, stray
2 to digress in speech

Sandra Shore was enjoying her leisurely walk, on a beautiful day, down the paved path in the park. Her mind was processing though the facts of the fire and her curse, but she noticed the well cared for gardens as she passed them. The only plants she cared for were in her apartment. The invisible bear was confined therefore giving her no concern, but something evil started that fire she was sure even if the fire department had not as yet said how the fire started.
She was not startled when she was joined on her walk by an invisible penguin. She wished he would have a conversation with her, and give her a explanation of the curse or the fire. Now in the normal world there would not even be an expectation of that happening, but in her crazy world she sat down on a park bench hoping it would do just that. It just stood there.
The warm sun and the calmness of the park led her to close her eyes and she slept. She was back at the Poets Corner sitting at a table when she notices movement in the kitchen, a person not a cook or chef, someone who should not be there.The individual has on a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up covering the face. The sweat shirt is black or dark blue. The individual places an object under the counter and moves among the cooking staff with a false smile. Sandy follows the individual through the kitchen and out the back door. The hooded sweatshirt becomes flowery multi- colored. The explosion happens and the hooded person vanishes.
"Look out!" A young child throwing a large ball looses control and the ball is headed toward Sandy. She awakes with a start. Putting up her hands warding off the ball, she notices the penguin motioning her to follow.
The paved path becomes dirt and disappears. Sandy finds she is walking through senticous bushes. The penguin picks up the pace and sandy is running, her calves in pain from thorns. Way ahead Sandy sees a young man in a hooded sweat shirt with the pattern from her dream. Sandy runs faster, she wants to get to that man. They run into a small shopping mall parking lot. The young man runs into a comic magazine shop. He is followed by the penguin and Sandy.The hooded man knowing the shop exits out the back door, penguin and Sandy following with an angry shop clerk shouting at all three.
They exit onto the parking lot only to lose the hooded man.
Back in her apartment Sandy applies rubefacient to her wounds, and calls the police. Her excited conversation is full of divagations. The police hear her but do not understand her.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Together Music

This story is written by Dr. John and myself, writing alternately.

Bud put on his old fishing hat and shirt and decided no matter what his wife said he was going fishing. No one will miss him and he needs a change of scenery. He could see himself driving across the bridge on his way to the old fishing hole up in the mountains. Into that little blue car would go his fishing gear.He might even stop at that nice roadside stand and pick up some grapes.
" Bud! Bud! Don't forget we're going to my mother's today and I already have the motel reservations."
"No, no! Mothers! yes, yes Fishing, Oh well mothers I guess."
So the dream ends, maybe next week.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeff's Photo Story May

The crowd milled around the exhibit room, some showing interest in Flash's work others just quickly passed by. Flash did not paint for others but to express a feeling that needed to come forth. His attire expressed him as did his art. Oh he did care that something sold so that he could eat and sleep. He just did not cater to what the general crowd would want to buy.
"That has bright colors"
"I like the balance in that work"
Then he noticed her. He could not help noticing her, The late arrival, a clumsy set up, and her attire. She had a sculpture exhibit, and he feared that her items would hit the floor before they could be seen. He put down his drink. Stepping out and over to where her exhibit was to be set up. " Could you use an extra pair of hands?" Her dark eyes studied him, she wiped off the sweat from her forehead, and she wiped them on her orange bib overalls. A smile broke forth and she extended her hand. "I am Rose Elder, and I could indeed use a hand." The smile made the face beautiful. Her dark brown braided hair encircled the beautiful face. Flash had to catch his breath. They shared personal information as the display developed.
Rose had traveled a great distance but had jumped at the chance to be part of this show. Her work had become known locally but, not through out the nation. This show would give her that chance, and because it was for a week she thought it well worth the effort to come out here. She was staying in a cheaper motel, but cheap was not the same out here as it was in Michigan. The price she paid would have put her up in a four star motel back home.
The display set up, she excused herself. Flash had a double take on her return. She had changed in to a peach tea length dress and her hair was now flowing down her back but the smile remained.
During the days that followed Flash would take some time away. Rose was also absent from her display. No they were not together, although at the show room they could be found together often.
On the final day of the show Flash had another painting to add to his display. There was something magical about that painting. As a person came into the room their eyes were drawn over to it. The painting was called Rose. The painting was not for sale, but because it drew attention to Flash's work he sold his art.
Rose had another piece added to her display, and there was no question about who the bust was.
Flash could now accompany Rose to all shows.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Raven challenge 63

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.
Ten Word Challenge will be: Green goddess, shampoo, filibuster, please and thank you, Operation Marigold, throw pillows, up the creek without a paddle, spandex, ubiquitous, wedding ring,

Mini Challenge: Skittles, lamb chops, stingray, chagrin, clever devil

Mega Challenge
Even though she was a green goddess, and said please and thank you, she had a person threatening her life. This last attempt left her up the creek without a paddle. The doctors had found a way to reverse the effect of the poison from the bubble gum. Jennifer after a month of therapy was able to go home. The ubiquitous killer was not caught.
Propped up with the throw pillows, Jennifer along with Martin Flask and Mr Lemer launched Operation Marigold, pretty but with an odor. They would get Gary Stoner and she could think about wearing spandex and getting a wedding ring. Around the house, over entrances, were buckets of shampoo disguised behind fake flowers. When a wire was tripped the shampoo would flow over the head of the interloper causing a reaction, and bringing him to their attention. They set up surveillance around the clock, and consuming bags of skittles.
Not everyone was in accordance with the plan. The police were very skeptical, but Martin did a filibuster at police headquarters. The police added manned unmarked cars in the neighborhood. Gary Stoner although thinking himself as a clever devil got stung as if by a stingray. Much to his chagrin he was caught. No more lamb chops for him.

Mini Challenge

There was no doubt in Sandra Shores mind that her invisible penguin was a clever devil. A new adventure she knew was awaiting her at the aquarium, where it led her. A Large crowd stood in line waiting for the doors to open. Skittles was the candy of choice for the mothers with toddlers.
The stingray was a popular exhibit, although there were cries heard from the very young, who were frightened when it swam towards them.
Why was she here? She walked along looking at the exhibits and the many species of fish. The variety of colors and types was so amazing. Then she saw her penguin swimming along side of the large window. Being in the water was a more likely place to be than in all the other places she had seen it.
Then she saw the bear, the one that tried to attack her at the fire scene. It came in swimming behind the penguin and she was afraid that the penguin had not seen the bear. It must have seen the bear and was prepared for it to be there, because the penguin threw the bear a lamb chop attracting him along a path that the penguin had in mind. Lamb chops bones fell to the bottom and they were visible to the tourist, who in curiosity asked the guide about them. The guide stumbled in trying to explain lamb chops in the tank , and what fish would be eating them. Much to Sandy's chagrin the guide fumbled an explanation, which no one was understanding or believing. The next thing the crowd saw was a large cage tumble to the bottom of the tank with an open door and a lamb chop inside. Suddenly the door closed and the chop was eaten. Sandy was the only one who saw the bear go into the cage. All saw the cage rise to the top, and it appeared to fly away.
There was much chatter about the strange events at the aquarium. Sandy felt a bit of relief that the bear was confined.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#14


quiddle-waste time
uxorious- excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife
glabrous-no hair,

There was no quiddle by Larry Hops. A uxorious glabrous man who using every spare dime he had went searching for rings for his wife. He collected them in all gem stones. He had a showcase constructed, and had it stealthily brought into their home.
"Rose," he called. Come see the gift I have for you. Rose entered the music room from where Larry called and exclaimed when she saw the showcase. "I want earrings not rings."
Poor Larry Hops.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Sunday I got to see a professional baseball game for the second time in my life. The first was when I was in grade school. My family took a trip to Chicago and my mother an avid fan took me and I am not sure if my sister went or not. We went down to the park on the El. The Yankees played a sox team, not sure if it was red or white. Mickey Mantle hit many home runs, and although I should have been cheering for the Chicago team I liked Mickey Mantle.
This time I was asked to go by my daughter-in law. The whole family was there except Dr John. We sat up high,and I was lucky because the people who had the seats down two rows and to my right did not show up so I could see the batters. Unlike my first game there were not a lot of hits by anyone. The Cubs won. We sat in a row so it was hard to just talk, but we walked out to the parking lot together.
Another difference between the first game and the second was the stadium. The first game did not have the high teck.
The hardest part was getting to the stadium. We used Map Quest and as we got closer to the stadium the map did not follow the instruction we were getting on the signs. We stuck to the map and it got us there and back up North. It was a good time.

Tea and Cheese Cake

The tea on Friday was a very good fund raiser. Pennie did a lot of complaining about it but, it went off well. We were in a pickle because I sold or gave away my tea cups and table linens. I found John's mother's tea pot but no cups or saucers, the reason for complaining.
We shared a table with Mary Jane. We had asked Lori and Bree to come but they could not. Mary Jane asked her daughter, and granddaughter, and niece and a friend. Mary Jane's daughter could not come because she was working but she wanted to help so she set the table up for us.
Set the table with what you ask? Pennie went out on the Saturday before the tea with a friend from college the Other Pennie as we call her. They went to Hobby Lobby they saw these unique tea pots in bright colors with odd shapes. Pennie found three pots. She bought eight orange place mats . One of the pots was purple and legs in black and white stripes and orange handle and spout. It had a lid with what looked like legs coming out the top and they were black and white striped.
I found a white plastic table clothe that looked like linen. I then I picked artificial flowers in bright orange. purple, yellow, red and blue, at Walmart. The flowers went into the purple tea pot,for a center piece. I got paper dinner napkins in white. I found coffee mugs in white with back stripes, they had to do for tea cups.
When she set the table Mary Jane's daughter brought black plates and black trays for serving the silverware was colored plastic. Our table looked like New Orleans where the youth are going. The other tables were Victorian looking. Pictures of the tea are found at St Marks web sight found on Dr John's blog.
We served cheese cake, tiny eclairs, and pumpernickel bread spread with mayonnaise and a cucumber slice on top. Each table did their own goodies to eat.
The program had a woman who had a shop that sold tea. We learned that to the English dunking the tea bag is bad manners. Also you do not but the bag after use on the table or plate but ask for a separate plate. We learned about making tea leaves. Then there was a man who had shop that sold bird seed. He talked about the best seed to use for what birds and the best feeders. He gave away a number of bags of seeds. Mary Jane's guest won a large bag of seed.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Raven challenge 62

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: gentle spring rain, mammoth, soap opera, worry, bubble gum, garden gate, seizure, of Biblical proportions, paralysis, wrinkles Mini Challenge: operatic, stuffed animals, anger management, biographical, paint splatters

Ten Word Challenge:

Thee soap opera Fair Lands was advertising they had a crisis of biblical proportions, but since she does not watch it Jennifer was not worried about that. She had other worries. A mammoth search had gone out for the capture of Gary Stoner. Mr Lemer and Professor Flask continued to reassure her that he would be behind bars very soon.
There was a gentle spring rain, not enough to keep her cooped up in the house any longer. She thought she would take a short walk to the garden gate, so using her crutch, and grabbing a piece of bubble gum, she limped down the sidewalk. The gum had an odd taste, she felt suddenly unable to control her body. Jennifer questioned if she was having a seizure. She slumped to the ground.
Opening her eyes she saw the familiar room and heard the familiar machines, she was back in the hospital room. Unlike before she felt nothing in her legs. She tried to move them. They remained immobile. No voice came, although she wanted to scream.
Martin Flask explained that the doctor said that there was paralysis. He had found her lying on the ground. The body was immobile but the brain was running over the past. It was the bubble gum. He had got to her. Gary Stoner had got to her. Suddenly the wrinkles on the sheet were annoying her for no good reason.

Five Word Challenge:

The Stuffed animals sitting on her shelf heard an operatic rendition of the days events. The flat tire was the last straw even if had nothing to do with the curse or maybe it did. A way of anger management Sandy Shore took out her canvas and added some more paint splatters. She added some more biographical material to her journal. She needed to talk to someone that could give her a clue to what war she was in.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#13

words used antediluvian-Older time
In an evil antediluvian time Ladden felt burdened with the care of those around him. There were the physical needs, but also the spiritual.There were few that lived a life regarding the needs of others. Lawlessness prevailed. Hitonious acts were committed. Ladden felt a need to pray constantly.

He sat at the bedside of a child tortured by some men for their pleasure. Ladden laid his hands on the child. As he prayed the body of the child healed. He created in an sheltered area a place to grow crops.
In a cave he gave sanction to those hunted, and the One he prayed to protected the cave. Those of the village claimed him to be a paladin.
History did not give him a place. His only reward was that he made a small difference.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some more exciting things

I usually don't post real life because mine is dull but a few things have been happening. First I went to a woman's gathering in Appleton before Melli came. The speaker was a former pastor in Marguette, near Crystal Falls where we were living before. She is retired and went to Israel first as a visitor and then she found this village where everything was done as in Jesus time. She became a tour guide.
Next Melli came and you have read both Melli and John's account. It sure was fun and we laughed so much, and I got out to do so much more than I would on my own.
I have coming up some events. My youngest grandson is having a birthday today. I think we will celebrate on Sunday when we go to the Brewers game in Milwaukee. Dr John is not going, because our seats are way up at the top and I don't think he can make it. He is not too much into baseball anyway, but I know he would like to see the kids. Pennie is greeting on Sunday. How long we can stay at the service is a question.
On Friday there is the fund raising tea at St Marks. That should be fun. Pennie got a very cute tea pot in bright colors. We buy a table for twenty-five dollars and decorate it with linen and things and provide a dessert for the guests we invite.
Oh I should have my grass cut for the first time. My tomato seeds came they are in preplanted pots. We bought one of those bags where the plants grow upside down. This is going to be another adventure because I have not been able to grow plants from seeds. I have never grown tomatoes before.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Raven challenge 61

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

Ten Word Challenge will be: translation, crunchy, cat’s paw, trunk, I love raspberry tarts, global warming, star struck, the midnight ride of Paul Revere, fragile, Spring fever

Mini Challenge: pancakes and syrup, flat tire, mongoose, this place looks like a bordello, first dance

Mini Challenge:

Her cupboard was bare, and Sandy Shore was very hungry. Her desire was for pancakes and syrup. A quick trip to the grocery store would solve this problem. For Sandy things did not just go simply.
She was still a distance from the store, when she heard thump thump and knew she had a flat tire.
Sandy pull her car to the side of the road. There was a large older looking house with cars in its parking lot. Although she knew how to change the tire, she wanted some aid in the endeavor. As she approached the front door she could see in the large front window and noticed the attire of the women, she thought to herself this place
looks like a bordello. I think I will try elsewhere. She walked on down the street when a mongoose crossed in front of her. She stopped, looking for her penguin. The polar bear at the Poets Corner was a enemy, so this mongoose could also be dangerous. The mongoose continued to walk away, and she gave a sigh of relief. After about a five mile stroll she saw a church that had a wedding and the guests were in the fellowship hall watching the bride and groom have the first dance. She told her problem and got two men to come to her aid.
Tire changed ,Sandy finished her task of getting the food she needed.

" Gary Stoner is the name of the man in the tan overcoat. The police have found his van abandoned in the woods just out of town. They are going over it now," said Mr Lemer as he entered Jennifer's living room. He was carrying a white bag from The Cats Paw bakery. Martin got up and got a plate to put its contents on. He brought the plate to Jennifer. "I love raspberry tarts," she said. The men also took a tart and there was a crunchy sound with each bite.
"Martin would you write an article on global warming for the next issue of the paper. I must have Spring fever I just can't concentrate . Really I just want the police to catch Gary Stoner."
Mr Lemer said" I am going back to police headquarters to see what information might come from the van."

Jack Lemer was a bit star struck as he listened to the police detective Lance River explain what they found in the trunk in the back of the van. They found some papers written in another language which they could not identify. A translation of the script on the fragile papers was needed. For all they knew it could be just a copy of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, but that was unlikely. The papers were not all they found in the van. There were items that linked Gary Stoner to the murder of his sister and the other girl. Jack also learned that Gary Stoner was in trouble with the law on numerous times and had spent some time in prison.