Saturday, May 30, 2009

Raven challenge 65

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: parasite, meals on wheels, crows, it's my fault, everything but the kitchen sink, on sale, patriotism, the love of my life, library card, common sense And for the mini: blackmail, California, stethoscope, postage, crank

A continuing story of Sandra Shore.

The comic book, her only clue, Sandy read very carefully. During the intense study, she made numerous trips to the kitchen, and her cupboard was bare, eaten was everything but the kitchen sink. Its my fault that I have gained so much weight she said to herself. She wished she had meals on wheels.
The invisible hero in the comic book were crows. A parasite had mutated ,and was threatening the world. Patriotism was encouraged by the lab Common Sense. Common Sense was the lab that the parasite had begun its growing. Dr Fling brought in an American Eagle to eat the parasite,but it was too large and clumsy in the building. Flying without impediment the crows took out the parasite's leading troops. The credit went to the American Eagle, and the truly patriotic invisible crows graciously let him have the honor.
Sandy could not find a clue. What did that story have to do with the explosion? While she was pacing back and forth to the kitchen, her penguin dressed like Shirlock Homes appeared handing her a library card on which the book The Love of My Life was taken out. It was her card and the book was way over due, although she could not remember having had the book.
The over due book required Sandy to make a trip to the library to pay the fine. Really she suspected that the penguin gave her the card to get her to go to the library. As she climbed the steps to enter the library she noticed the sign toy polar bears on sale in the window of the building next door. After paying the fine, Sandy decided to check out the toy polar bears. The polar bears seemed to be an odd item to put on sale.

Mini Challenge:

The building next door to the library was a toy shop, but to Sandy it looked more like a museum. The toys were vintage, and the prices were high. Odder if there was such a thing, was each of the three medium size polar bears was holding something different. One had a letter, one had a stethoscope, the last one a crank. Sandy picked up the bear holding the letter. The envelope had a postage stamp. It was addressed to Sandra Shore at her address in California. The envelope was not sealed, and a letter could be seen. Sandy removed the letter. It read:
Sandra you should look closer at your penguin. That was not your penguin that gave you your library card,but a substitute. If you want your penguin back safe and sound, buy this bear and put $40,000 in this envelope, and bring back the bear. Also stop your investigation into the Poet's Corner explosion. She stood in shock. This was a blackmail letter. From the corner of her eye she caught the exiting man in the multicolored hooded sweatshirt and a large full sized polar bear.

Continued next week.


quilly said...

Oh, dear! Does Sandy have that much money? And if she does, will she pay to ransom a penguin she was trying to get rid of? And how would a penguin not her own get her library card?

Watching the clock & waiting for next week ....

Melli said...

Hey WAIT! This may be her opportunity to GET RID of the penguin! She could just walk away and pretend she never SAW that letter! Ohhhhh... but that would ruin the story, huh? I guess I'm with Quilly then! Watching and waiting... so many stories I watch and wait for! ;)

Dianne said...

No! The penguin must be OK, I am very attached to him you know

No I'm worried ... ;)

Raven said...

Oh my! The plot is thickening and twisting and turning both. Like Dianne, I'm very fond of the penguin. I hope there's a happy ending here.

Richard said...

Invisible Penguin abduction. What is this world coming to?
Great episode.

Batteson.Ind said...

Really enjoyed reading, I too like your penguin character... Love your plot!-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent once again. I'm so attached to that Penguin. The plot thickens...can't wait for next week :)

Stephen said...

I liked your story. Sandy has to find a lot of money now to get her penguin back. The kidnappers probably won't accept invisible money for the invisible penguin, either. She also needs some more invisible friends to protect her from the false invisible penguin and the invisible polar bear and the man in the multicolored hooded sweatshirt. Perhaps some invisible crows will come to her aid.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Nessa said...

Oh, no. The poor penguin. What is Sandy going to do?

I love this on-going story.

gabrielle said...

I too make numerous trips to the kitchen when I feel unsettled. I have confidence in Sandy.