Saturday, January 31, 2009

Raven's 48

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: snow and ice, vegetarian chili, pampered kitty, anthropology, do you own a home, coronation, you can change the world, hideous curtains, stammering, premonitions

Mini Challenge: Is there a doctor in the house, blowing in the breeze, shadows, comedian, sleeping disorder

Ten Word Challenge: You Can Change The World

Mark felt like the country side in Couldbe covered in snow and ice. There was, before he goofed it up, a lot of possibilities in Couldbe. He needed an Eric someone to clue him into human emotions, or at least who could say don't act until you think. He could of course go exploring in the tower with out Carol. It would be easier. He would again be alone.
He did feel lonely. He was missing his father ,mother and Eric. They knew that he was a dark blue glowing crystal. They knew he had abilities. Ya, they knew alright, and feared them. He even missed Dr. Peterson and his career in anthropology. Well it wasn't a career yet, he just fetched and carried. He did save their lives a few times, but Dr. Peterson hated Zonics. Dr. Peterson wanted him sent back to his Home Planet.
As he sat in the snow feeling sorry for himself, Mark felt activity in his brain, not his thinking , but someone talking to him. Someone sending him a message. Humans can not do that so he look for something that could. The flying red horse came into sight. The horse said he had a premonition about Mark. He saw him at a coronation, Mark's coronation on his home planet. The horse flew away, but Mark heard,you can change the world. He thought about the thought that he could change the world. Dr Peterson thought Mark could change their world but not for the better. If he could learn to understand other species, he might be able to change the world for the better.
As if he stood up and dusted himself off, he shape shifted into his human self and trudged through the snow to the diner. He entered to a packed room.The waitress was almost running.There was no seat available so he joined the line waiting for seating.Waiting gave him time to observe the room. He had never noticed the hideous curtains before. A lady in front of him held a cat. The cat was in a cat carrier. It was a very fancy carrier, leading him to believe it was a pampered Kitty. The man behind him must have been a real estate agent because he was asking those around him," Do you own a home?" Maybe he sold insurance. Then he saw them, the Hansons. They were being served chili , because it was the special probably vegetarian chili.
Mark could not think of what to say. He tried to avoid eye contact. He should go apologize, but they had no idea that he did anything.
Eye contact was made, so Mark left the line and went over to their table. He began by stammering," I I am sorry. I am sorry about your illness Mrs Hanson."
"I am sorry that because of my getting sick we could not finish our conversation. Why don't you sit down with us and we can talk."

Mini Challenge: Sleep

There was a unsteady tapping on her window. The shadows danced on her window shade in the moon light. As a small child the shadows brought her fear, now she knew that it was the tree branches blowing in the wind. That was not what was keeping her awake. It could have been the comedian she went to see that was keeping her awake but she guessed it was not. Then she pondered the problem of having a sleeping disorder. Then what happened made her sit up straight. The shadows of the dancing leaves formed the question. Is there a doctor in the house?
Was her penguin back or was she halucinating?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Better Eating

We made a very delicious dinner Spaghetti-Squash Chicken Parmesan. The recipe came from You use four small chicken breasts. We got large chicken breasts but had no trouble except on portion control. The chicken breasts are soaked in buttermilk for an hour in frig. A spaghetti-squash is cut in half cover with plastic wrap, and placed in microwave for 25 min. then scrape fresh from squash keeping warm. Heat oven375. In shallow dish combine flour 1/2 cup rice or all purpose flour 1/3 cup parmesan cheese 1 tea. spoon garlic powder. Coat chicken breasts. Place in sprayed baking dish . Cover chicken with spaghetti sauce two tablespoons per breast. sprinkle with cheese. bake 25min. You can heat remaining sauce and serve with chicken. We didn't. Please get recipe from web site.
Another good dinner was slow cooker chili Verde from
We are having fun cooking, but we use a lot of dishes which means a lot of clean-up compared to sticking plastic bowl into microwave then throwing away bowl. Another problem yesterday my dishwasher broke. The soap dispenser will not close. It probably is a spring costing 50cents, but will cost a lot to fix or I will have to get a new one.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Raven's 47

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.
10 Word Challenge: air tight seal, bitter cold, draft card, diner, paragon of virtue, broken computer monitor, CPR, a love of folk music, scatter-brained, can of worms

Stan Hanson was concerned about the amount of time Carol was spending with the new boy she met at the concert to raise money for the homeless. They were meeting every day,to go to the concerts at the Tower Center, and he was not sure if it was their love of folk music. She was only thirteen, and sometimes a little scatter- brained. Stan was going to check on the computer to see if he could find any information on Mark Clark, but he had a broken computer monitor. Mark was vague about were he was living, and Stan had not met either parent. Then there was that rumor that Carol and Mark had gone up to the second floor of the Tower Center, and had got rid of the ghost. Professional ghost hunters were driven away, so that could not be true. Carol had not said anything about it. Maybe if he asked Mark to come to the diner . They could have something to eat . While they were eating and chatting he could get some answers to his questions.
Lunch with the Hansons should be an easy thing to do, but for Mark it was not. Eating was a problem because he was not in his true form and he had no need for food of the humanoid version. The best solution was to transform this body to be able to eat. He knew that this diner thing was a way for Mr. Hanson to find some information about him, information he did not want to give. In his true form of a blue crystal, he had no need of shelter ,so for practical purposes he was homeless. If Mr Hanson asked about his parents, his answers could open another can of worms. He wanted to keep seeing Carol, and he wanted her to accompany him as he investigated the tower. He would go to the diner with the Hansons.
Mr. Hanson and family met Mark at the diner. The weather had become suddenly bitter cold forcing the use of protective outside clothing , which only the Hansons were wearing . Mark had no protective clothing, and gave no indications that he was in any way uncomfortable. Mark noticed the questioning looks as they entered the diner.
Sitting down at a table,Mark tried to decide if a good offense was better than a good defense. He broke the rule against mind reading of humanoids. Mr Hanson was not a paragon of virtue, he did not have a draft card, a law in Couldbe. That did not help Mark think of how to truthfully handle Mr. Hanson's questions. Their hot drinks were brought to the table in cups with air tight seals. Mrs Hanson took a few sips and she began to have trouble breathing. She fell to the floor. Mr Hanson moved quickly to her side giving her CPR. Chairs and table pushed aside. Aid was called and soon attendance were on hand, and she was transported to the hospital. Carol gave Mark a angry look as she jumped into the transport car with her father and mother.
Mark had moved back against the counter. He was thinking to himself I am not to blame. Mind searching caused problems in humanoid brains. Was that the reason Mrs. Hanson had an attack? No,no he was not to blame. He was concerned for Mrs.Hanson health, but mostly the possible now break-up of himself and Carol.
Mark moved to back behind the diner to shape shift into his true form, and moved to the hospital through the walls. He now took the form of a nurse, and looked for the room that Mrs. Hanson was taken to.
Mrs. Hanson was in cased in a machine that would diagnose, and possibly heal her. The family was in a side room waiting for the results. In an hours time, Mrs. Hanson was able to go home.
There was no resolution of Mark and Carol's relationship. Mark was determine to restore that relationship.

Mini Challenge:

California here I come, Springtime in Alberta, panorama, etchings, miracle foot repair,

Looking at the panorama of the North American map, Sandy Shore was looking where to travel to next. Would it be California here I come, or spring time in Alberta?Did she travel so much because of the Gypsy curse? The Gypsy curse was to have an unseen penguin haunt you. Did the curse also give you wander lust?
It did not matter where she would go that penguin would also be there. Traveling cost money, and she had not done a picture lately. She was short of traveling expenses. Could she sell her etchings?
As she was about to make a phone call, the door bell rang and the letter carrier stood holding a large box. She handed Sandy the package and her mail. Sandy put the package on the kitchen table and opened it. It was full of small packages containing a miracle foot repair lotion. She search for an invoice. She found the sheet but apparently she had no bill. She could not locate who sent the package, but she suspected the penguin. He or she wanted her to sell the lotion to get money for a trip. Sandy wanted no part of going door to door selling foot lotion.
Sandy went to her computer to research the Gypsy Curse. There was nothing to help her remove her penguin ,except a small side note about care of those children who were left or abandoned by their parents.
Sandy went to Family Services to check to see how she could assist them. They told her about monetary donations and things like diapers, and basic needs. They mentioned about a mentoring program. Sandy gave a monetary donation and signed up in the mentoring program. It took some time while they checked her out and found a match. Her life felt fuller as she found a new companion to share some time . She also had very healthy feet.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2nd Week of Pound for Pound

I am now into the second week in trying to eat healthier. Our second trip to the supermarket took as long as the last one. We had to study to find what we needed.
Last week we had some great meals and one flop. I liked best Apricot-Glazed Turkey and Sweet Potatoes. A soup I liked was Ginger-Scented Apple -squash Soup. The Spicy Hot Cocoa was also very good.
The flop came on Hearty Turkey chili. WE had not picked up enough cooked beans and so my daughter stopped at the store and picked up uncooked beans. I had the rest of the ingredients cooking and just threw the beans in thinking they would cook. As you probably know they did not. The chili tasted good and we would pick out the beans. We are going to try it again with cooked beans.
I am using my tread mill also.
The weight has not come off fast. I have a pound loss so far.
Our recipes have come from weightwatchers andEat better America from on line.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures Together

Sandy Shore did not want to go to England,do she grumbled as she threw her wardrobe into the suitcase. But her psychologist had told her that it might get rid of her penguin and she would do anything for that to happen. She badly wanted to go to Washington DC to see Obama become president. Of course, Obama would have enough problems without her sicking the penguin on him and so here she was on the plane.
She was not sure that seeing the Changing of the Guard would any any way get rid of her penguin,but she went to see the changing of the Guard.
She expected to see the penguin sitting on top of a Guard's head but it didn't happen.Where should she go next,maybe the Tower of London or a family cemetery plot?
Her great Uncle was buried behind a little Anglican Church just two blocks south of the Palace and she had always wanted to visit the plot. Her visit reminded her that she did have relatives living here and that a visit to them may give her some insight into her problems. So she rang up her second cousin Ruth and her Husband James and asked them to meet her at the Museum next to the old time street display.

The museum had a golden carousel, which when it entertained was carried by horses. It was then that she saw on one of the wooden horses the stupid penguin wearing a cowboy hat.
"aghhhhhhhh,"she growled quietly, this isn't the USA it is England and that is not the proper hat, maybe a bowler.
Then the carousel started to revolve which Sandy knew was not possible because it needed to be pulled by live horses to revolve. Was the unknown power from the penguin?
Just at that moment her cell phone rang it was Ruth asking to meet at the Mock Up of the Church Street Post Office instead of the horse and cab. Sandy quickly left and went to the Church Street Post Office where she saw Ruth and Jim.
They were older than she expected, much older, or at least they looked older. They were pleasant, but they were engaged in mailing a letter to someone, causing them to be a little edgy with each other.
She looked like the kind of little old lady that had one or two of those beautiful English flower bushes growing in the back yard. Would these appearing to be sane individuals have any knowledge of super natural penguins? Ruth looked at her and said your the spitting image of great Aunt Rose, the one with Gypsy Curse.
"The Gypsy Curse?" asked Sandy.
"You know" Ruth said, " She insulted a gypsy Prince and was cursed with penguins for her life and in the life of one of each following generation."
Sandy opened her mouth to ask a question, but then closed it, reconsidering the question. At least she would have something to consider on the flight home.

Monday, January 19, 2009

January Photo Story

Mabel and Jim Roberts had planned for this trip to England for many months. They saved and saved, putting each little amount in to the trip account. Jim wanted to see relatives and places that involved his family. Mable wanted to see famous places. They did a bit of compromising. They went to see the Changing of the Guard and also to to churches and cemetaries.

The museum gave both of them a medium to remember the past. There was a horse and buggy on an old English street. Now Mable did not live in the time of horse and buggies, but she wished she did.

Her formal was a powder blue. Her companion was an expert dancer and she felt she was floating over the dance floor. He was a very able conversationalist and she felt as ease. He was very handsome in his tuxsedo. The evening had to come to an end. Her companion escorted her to the waiting carriage. As he aided her into the carriage, she recognized her companion it was Jim.

He was just so excited, he was jumping up and down. The merry-go round had come to town.

His father gave a few coins to the attendant and Jim ran and mounted the speckled horse. A girl in pigtails followed him climbing on the white horse behind him. They pretended to be in the wild west. The girl had the biggest smile and a laugh that made him laugh. When the ride stopped they dismounted and looking in the girls face he knew it to be Mabel.

When they left the museum they went and bought a plant with lovely flowers. The plant was brought to the family cemetary and planted there.

When they returned to the states ,full of enthusiasm ,talking about the trip, they had no words that could tell why they felt again like youth. The events that changed them had not happened but yet they had.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Raven's Challenge 46

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: tuna on rye, ghost hunters, I'm as corny as Kansas in August, sympathetic ear, science fiction, muffler, cavernous, giraffes, prospecting, paraphernalia

Mini Challenge: Key Lime Pie, porcupine, Library of Congress, fingernails, spell-bound

They were sitting in the huge tower. Mark wanted to explore and Carol wanted to talk. He gave a sympathetic ear for just so long when he blurted out" What is in the rest of this building?"
"Ghosts"answered Carol.
"Let's be ghost hunters,"suggested Mark . He stood up and pulled Carol arm,trying to have her join him in exploring.
"Are you nuts? They could be dangerous."said Carol
"They could be friendly like Gasper"
"Who is Gasper?"
"Forget it" He realized that she must not have had read to her the stories he had that came from Earth.
"Come on. Don't be such a coward. There is so much here to see. We could go prospecting for treasure. We could pretend to be in a science fiction video. "
"There are ghosts on the upper floors. No one goes to the upper floors. Ghost hunters have come with their paraphernalia and have seen them. You think I am kidding. "
Mark was about to give up on Carol coming along with him when the disappointment over came him and he pushed with his mind to influence her. She agreed to come, but he could feel all the fear she had. She had become a fearful robot. They went to the lobby and then up the elevator,opening on the second floor.
Before them was a cobweb filled small hallway and a semi-circle of doors. From the door straight in front of them, he heard ,I'm as corny as Kansas in August, as high as the flag. The voice stopped when he knocked on the door.
"Who dares to disturb me? Go away!"

Mark did not go away,instead he pushed open the door and entered the room, Carol followed. He confronted a shimmering figure wearing a short sleeve shirt with giraffes printed on it's front.

is shimmering figure had long dark hair and beard, it was leaning over a table studying a muffler. Rising up, it elongated and the mouth became a cavernous hole. Carol screamed and fell to the floor. Carol's fainting distracted Mark from the threatening figure. Mark picked up Carol under the arms and pulled her out into the hallway. The figure followed but stopped at the door. The fact that the figure did not follow them into the hall made Mark conclude that the figure couldn't follow, so Carol would be safe in the hallway while he faced down the figure in the room.

Would he be able to handle the ghost? He questioned himself as he reentered the room. The room Mark now noticed was a body shop for antique cars. The shimmering figure was back at the table. He was swearing under his breathe. To the side of the table was a partially constructed car. The figure was searching for something. "If I had a tuna on rye my mind would work better."

ark was going over all the options of his abilities to get rid of the ghosts. He was unsure that any would work on a ghost. He heard a voice from behind him. It was Carol who said" All he wants is a tuna on rye sandwich." Mark knew what ability he could use. Before the ghost was a tuna on rye. The ghost smiled and disappeared.

Hands joined and raised in triumph Mark and Carol cheered"Ghost busters."

Mini challenge:

While eating a piece of key lime pie, Sandy Shore decided to go to the local library to do some research on a number of subjects. These were some for her next movie and just information for her own use. The local library cataloged as the Library of Congress. She was going to research penguins, porcupines and para normal.

She was not in a hurry so she polished her fingernails. She wondered if there were artists that would paint actual pictures on finger nails

She was spell bound when she got to the desk for she had all the information at the desk waiting for her, even finger nail painting,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Losing Pounds?

The question mark is because I question whether I can do it. I joined Pound for Pound on The Biggest Loser. I know I should start with a more positive attitude, but I have been on this fight for a very long time. There are those who began the fight in childhood,I did not. I was a thin child. I was too thin and each meal a struggle to eat,to put on weight. Weight gain was not a problem until the birth of my last child, thirty -nine years ago. I joined TOPS[ Take Off Pounds Sensibly]. My weight has gone up and down. I reached my goal and then I went lower and lower. I went to the doctor and found out I had severe Osteoporosis. She said that I must put on weight, and do not fall. I put on the weight, up to my goal and then I sailed on and on. I put on ten pounds sense I have moved, and that has only been two years.
My daughter also has a weight problem and we have been watching The Biggest Loser, and I might say eating a ice cream sandwich while we watch. I don't think we could get on the show because I only have to lose twenty-six pounds. That does not seem like a lot, but it is getting more and more not less and less. I am having more and more trouble doing activity. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol controlled by medicine.
What I started to say is that my daughter and I have begun to try to become more healthy. We went shopping together for a weeks worth of food for suggested diet meals. We do not cook but open packages and microwave. We met the challenge and bought real food[ not canned or packaged]. I am sure if any one was watching we appeared to be real dummies, which we were. We made our first meal. I am not sure we did it correctly but it was very good. Our next problem is portion control. We made a chili with lean ground beef,elbow macaroni, tomatoes,tomato soup, onions,peppers,beans and chili powder. We picked that because it seemed less complicated. I had a bowl and it seemed like too much food.
Now I have to get on my tread mill and do some walking.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raven's 45

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: We were born on the same day in the same hospital, Weeping willow, Two for one sale, Highway robbery, Burial ground, roll of paper towels, gospel singer, gallows, weirdo, volcano

Mini Challenge: Symbiosis, Sagging breasts, Navaho blanket, Frogmen, Who says I got no heart?

Ten Word Challenge:
Mark the thirteen year old shape shifter enjoyed his time as a flying red horse. The time gave him an opportunity to investigate.
He flew in close to those pigs with the wings around the Tower of Babel looking building. He then shape shifted into his natural form of a blue crystal which could easily penetrate the walls to investigate the tower. In the room he entered he was surprised to find it with a crowd of humanoids. Most of them were seated in a semicircle around a stage. The stage was occupied with a guitar playing gospel singer. In the background were two pictures sitting on a easels.
Mark attention was drawn to the pictures. One of the pictures, had in the background a smoking volcano, in the foreground was a burial ground with a gallows. A rather gloomy look Mark thought.
The second picture was of a river in a meadow. The meadow had wildflowers and the river a weeping willow tree. The pictures were apparently for sale. a two for one sale.
Mark hovered near the ceiling in his natural form and felt it was the place to be when a weirdo jumped up during the singing . He approached the stage arms waving and screaming,"It is highway robbery." When the weirdo got close to the singer he pulled out , what Mark thought was a antique gun. He fired not at the singer but the pictures and out sprayed water.
There was chaos, people jumped up to grab the weirdo, the artist was crying after the pictures and one person came over with a roll of paper towels. The paper roll caring person started to dry off the pictures.
You can't laugh as a blue crystal, and Mark so wanted to laugh a luxury he only had as a humanoid. He transformed himself in to the attractive dark curly haired boy that he had been wearing as a humanoid and laughed. He was standing near the stage but next to the seats and his laughter drew the attention of a young girl. She looked like she was thirteen also.
She said,"They are very funny " You know we were born on the same day in the same hospital?"
He said,"what? You were born on the same day as who?"
She said ,"You."
He said," I don't think so. How would you know that? You don't know me and I don't know you."
"Oh, I am Carol . You are Steve, no Sam , no Rob." She looked at him closely as she listed the names, waiting for him to name himself . He finally said,"Mark."
"Hi Mark it is nice to meet you and no I don't think we were born in the same hospital on the same day,but I got your attention right."
"That you did."
He liked Carol. They chatted as things slowly returned to normal on the stage and the singer went back to singing but showing by his voice that he was a little shaken. This just maybe the place to stay.

Mini Challenge: Symbiosis, Sagging breasts, Navaho blanket, Frogmen, Who says I got no heart?

As she drove to buy the lottery ticket Sandy Shore began to reconsider that choice. If she won and she knew that she could win by getting the numbers from the penguin, that penguin would be controlling her . The symbiosis was close enough. No lottery ticket.
She drove over to the park to take a stroll. She walked along the lake shore and she thought she saw a frogman jump into the water off the dock. There were several frogmen in the water. They were diving for something. She noticed the small group of people watching the frogmen. She walked over and up on the dock to see what they were diving for. The water was too dark to see anything. A small older woman with sagging breasts sobbed. She was calling "Marve Marve". Suddenly out of the water popped her penguin with a older man on its head. The older man was clutching a necklace. The penguin threw the man onto the dock. The frogmen were puzzled and came out of the water. Marve handed the necklace to his wife and said"Who says I got no heart?"
The frogman said," Man you are crazy. You could have drowned. I don't know who got you here but it wasn't me."
Sandy remembered her Navaho blanket in the car and ran back to get it and gave it to the wet husband who rescued his wife's necklace. The penguin waddled away.

Monday, January 5, 2009


The Christmas/New Years went fine. It was a little hectic in the opening of the gifts. My daughter had a plan where everyone sat and the gifts came to you. Her father wanted his gifts opened and was sending the kids out to find them. We had ham and fondue for the meal. The dogs wanted to play inside not outside, not enough space.
On Friday my son took us to Menards to see if the were any specials buys. I brought back my vacuum filters because they were the wrong ones I picked out before. I could not find the correct ones my vacuum is too old. Pennie went to work but planned on a half day because of a doctor appointment and came home to find us gone. She was sad. We picked her up and went to Walmart where I did find filters. I have not tried them yet so don't know if the are the correct ones.
On Saturday in the afternoon we went to the show Dr John stayed home. We went to "Bedtime Story." It was a nice movie When we got home found out that Dr John had become sick to his stomach and was in a mess.
Sunday we awoke to solid ice. It had rained during the night. Then the question was church cancelled. There were a number of Churches who were not going to have services. Pennie had Sunday School and was to help serve communion. We called and found services would be held. Pennie was feeling sick to her stomach but was not sure if she got what her father had or it was the thought of driving on the ice. My son said the thought of driving on ice frightened him. Pennie called and told them she was sick. She also was on call and at 8:00 AM the phone began to ring so out she had to go. The police cars were having a difficult time on the ice. The hospitals emergence rooms were full. Older people got salt and tried to salt their walks and fell to break arms, legs, and hips. Pennie was sick and still is. She had one more phone call but she could handle that by phone. I have two home now sick. I don't want to join them.
I have read through the bible study.
That was my week end.