Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Wonder Why

I watched Dr Phil yesterday and I was disturbed because a man confessed to killing a number of people. He is claiming to want help as a reason for coming on the program. The police found no body where he stated he put it. He is not sure if he really did the killing or not. The doctor ,not Dr Phil ,who examined him believes he can't tell what is real or not real. Will this bring out more people who just want their time in the sun on the program? I truly hope he can be helped because he is married and has a family.

I got to see a little of Dr Phil today and there was a man with a huge Star Wars collection. His wife thought she was loosing out to the collection. On "Clean House" I have seen them on different shows ask the person getting their house cleaned to sell their collections to end clutter. On one show the book collection was the only thing that was neat. Is there something wrong with people who want to collect items?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barbie Dolls

I have inherited 20 Barbie Dolls from my youngest sister-in-law and my daughter. It is time to but them on E-bay because my granddaughter has a large supply of her own and does not want these. My granddaughter while she was here help me go though them. I am missing a lot of clothing. I went out yesterday and bought a book about Barbie Dolls. I am confused about the dates on the backside and the dates in the book. They do not match. I have the clothing and the doll pictured but the dates are not the same. The date on the doll is earlier that the one in the book. Although this is time consuming it has been fun.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

At The Movie

We, my daughter, granddaughter and I , wanted to go to the American Girl movie all week and we got to go today. There was a time of concern because my daughter had a problem at work and they asked her to go to the court. She did get done in time. It was a very enjoyable movie, with comedy, mystery,and family relationships.

After the movie,we went to Circuit City and my daughter bought a laptop that you can write on, for work. Then my daughter and I drove my granddaughter back home. We will miss her and so will Maggie, the dog ,who was enjoying all the attention she was getting.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Computer

The other day my hard drive crashed. It gave out signs that it was going but I ignored it. So nothing was saved. Wishing it isn't so doesn't work. We bought a new computer. Last night with the help from Dr John and my daughter I got E-Mail back and found my blog. My son went with us to pick the computer out and he set it up. My son came down to bring my granddaughter for a visit until Thursday.

My sister and brother-in-law dropped by on their way up North. They took us out to eat and we had some time to chat. My sister is looking well.

Backing up, on Sunday we heard the new pastor . Looking forward to the years ahead.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Close of Lifest

Lifest ended July 12 for us. There was a service on Sunday but we went to our Church. We heard Echelon, Aylesha, Rebecca St James and Casting Crowns at the Grandstand. We then hurried over to the Edge to catch Skillet. Bree and Curtis wanted to hear them. I could understand all the words of the singers at the Grandstand. Not true at the Edge. Next year maybe we will get a camper and stay at the fairgrounds in the camping area. If we get electricity Dr John could come and stay. There is a drawback which I hadn't thought about. One of the members of St Marks stayed at the campsite and the storm drove them to seek shelter.

We met our new Pastor at St Marks tonight at his Installation. We also met his family.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lifest Day Three

A different day. We had sun and it was warm. Sunscreen applied as well as bug dope. The first singer we heard was Mandisa. She was on American Idol. I enjoyed her. She gave a little sermon for the young women about inner beauty.

We had supper during the Denver &the Mile High Orchestra but did get to see the end and they were very good. During the speaker we took a restroom break.
This was Steven Curtis Chapman's first concert since the death of his daughter . He spoke about how the songs he sang before now had different meanings. His sons took part in the concert. The songs were about how God was faithful during the hard times. At the end of the concert we lit a candle or used a cell phone and sang a blessing to him.
We were a little surprised that there was an Honor Guard and we said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem. Then came the fireworks.
I have been enjoying myself but it would help if I had more pep. Not use to getting home the next day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lifest Day Two

Day two of lifest brought rain. Abundant rain. To keep dry we went to the Marketplace a metal building with roof that had items for sale. We did not buy anything but we looked . We ran over to an other building with a roof and this one had chairs so we sat their until it stopped raining. Then a trudging through mud to hear Jonathan Rundman. The crowd was small ,and we got to sit in the second row of seats. We could see their faces. My daughter was a councilor with him at bible camp, but she didn't stop to talk because we left before he was finished. The grandstand is where we went from there trudging again through mud , but the rain stopped.
The speaker was Reggie Dabbs. He drew the crowd in by just being entertaining. He played the sax, and had us reciting nursery rhymes. What has that to do with the Christian message? That is what I was asking but he turned those rhymes into names of God. What God could have done for those unreal people and He has done for real people.
The band was Switchfoot. I didn't know about their music so I didn't know the words to the songs and the lights were bright making me have to close my eyes. The last song we heard was from" Prince Caspian" and I did like that.
Again we moved through the mud to the Edge. The Edge is barn to show animals during the fair.We heard Superchick. Superchick is the band my granddaughter wanted to hear. I like the music but again I need to get a CD to learn the words.
We got home at 2:00AM so I am tired and I am still in PJ's at 11:30AM.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lifefest Day One

This is the tenth anniversary of Lifefest which is held in Oshkosh. Last Year was the first time I have attended. This is a Christian event with music, and workshops. There is a place for a prayer journey. This year there is a ferriswheel and other rides for the children. The bungee ride which was there last year is gone, but the tragedy is still in our minds. There was a large attendance at the grandstand last night. The speaker was a pastor of a Lutheran Church and he was good. A part of the speech was he was speaking at an event when his ride picked him up he had a lot of bling but one was a spoon and the ride said that was to remind him that Christians are spoons. A knife cuts a fork stabs but a spoon serves. The Newsboys was the band for the night and they were great. There is more to come. Tonight will be a late night because my granddaughter wants to hear Super Chick and that starts at 11:30PM.

Monday, July 7, 2008

50th High School Reunion

I did go to the reunion. My son drove me up and my granddaughter went with me to the dinner. I enjoyed seeing friends I had not seen in 45 to 50 years. One of those friends was a neighbor and he was like a brother to me. While his mother and my mother were alive I got to hear about him but lost contact after their deaths. I found out he was doing well and was living in Texas. We didn't talk long because he was using his time making contact with as many friends as he could. I made the mistake of sitting down too soon but did make contact with those who were roaming. Those who did like I did and sat down but were on the other side of the room I missed. I did get a chance to see more friends as we lined up for the class picture. That was a major job for the photographer, because we talked and moved about as he tried to get us all in. There was good attendance. We lost 20 members do to death.

The important thing to have arranged for is pictures of members as they were in the year book and name tags. Some times the name would not be remembered but the old picture would restore the memory. Our old pictures were put on individual key chains. I was sitting across the table from a man I could not remember. He shared that he met his wife who was sitting beside him in Canada. She was from Australia but was hiking up to Alaska. She fell over a cliff and he was going by saw her fall and aided her bringing her to the hospital, meeting her and falling in love. Then he shared how shy he was in school and how he had a crush on the lady sitting at the end of our table because she would smile and talk to him. We then took out out old pictures and he was a person I had a crush on. How funny.

We had a short program, names were drawn for hand painted plaques of landmarks of Escanaba. I did not get my name drawn.

My son granddaughter and I toured by car Escanaba. First we went to the home I grew up in. The street seemed so narrow and the yard so much smaller than I remember it. Then we drove down Main Street past the Ludington Hotel to the park. We drove out to the beach and came back driving on a one way street going the wrong way. We were looking at the park not reading the signs. Then we drove by the home of my biological parents where I spent the first four years of my life. There were major changes making the home look great. Then we drove out to the Garden's of Rest cemetery to see my parents graves. My son went out while we were at the reunion and he couldn't find them. I told him I knew where they were. I didn't so we walked the whole place, not finding them. Memory is a strange thing. The markers are flat making seeing the names difficult unless you get out and walk. After an hour we gave up.

I am glad I made the trip.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th of July

May everyone have a great 4th of July. May it be safe and fun.