Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Has The Sermon?

I hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving. We went to my son Pete's house for the meal, we all went including the dog. The food was very good, and we all ate too much. The dogs[Pete has a dog too] also shared in the meal, but that was not the way we thought it should be. As we were eating apparently a dog or dogs had some pie crust. We were not sure if the pie had been crushed on the way there or not. One pie was missing crust on one side, but later Spanky was after the pie so that answered that question. My oldest grandson made five pies. One of the pumpkin pie was made from scratch starting with the whole pumpkin. Canasta was played. As Lori's mom was leaving the house she placed the left over beans in a pot on the floor, not having a dog of her own at home, and the dogs added to their meal for the day.
Pat,Curtis, and the boys had to go back early Sunday. Pennie and I were at the church at 7AM to set up. I carried in the cookies I made for fellowship after the service, leaving my purse behind. I returned to the car to get my purse, and the church door locked behind me. I was left outside in the very chilly weather. I knocked, and knocked. After about five minutes Pennie heard me, and let me in. It was celebration Sunday for the children and they got to play a quiz game going over the material they had for the last unit. They also take part in the service by being ushers, greeters, and reading the lessons. At the beginning of the service Pennie explained how the children's offerings were used from last year. The children took part in the heifer program and bought a goat, sheep, a pig,and geese. She had pictures of the animals on sheets of 9x10 paper, she placed them on the pulpit holding them up one by one. Ending her presentation she picked up all of the papers on the pulpit. Pastor Steve when he got up to do his sermon starting looking around, and then asked has anyone taken my sermon. There were no responses. The children did a play for the children's Sermon and there was a thought the the sermon got mixed in with the scripted. Pastor began without his notes, and half way though Pennie looked at her animal pictures and found Pastor Steve's notes. She then brought them forward. We all had a laugh.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oldest in the House

I went to the latest Harry Potter movie at midnight,with my daughter. We were the last to be getting tickets, and knew that all theaters were sold out, so we went early to get good seats. I watched as the theater filled with mostly teens with a few middle aged scattered about. I saw no one who looked to be my age, and that could be because seniors do not want to out at midnight,but I could sleep in. I enjoyed the movie. I have read the book, along time ago, but I am looking forward to the ending,in the theater.
It has been long a long time since I have blogged. My bathroom got painted finally after four years. When they put in the walk in tub, they replastered, but they did not paint saying I could save so much doing it myself. I thought that was true, and it was small, no problem. Problem how does a height challenged person paint over a tub with no room for a ladder to be safely placed in the tub? Answer, call in the family troops. My son, daughter, and grandsons Alex and Caleb. They did a fine job. I now have a beautiful coral room, which I added a verse and stick on flowers and butterflies. I would show a picture but I have lost the cord and the instructor to put pictures on the blog. I hope to figure this out.
I got a big scare last month when I discovered my bank had not been paying my mortgage for eight months. I discovered it not my bank. They had not done as I instructed to make the new account as the old. I got a new account because of John's death. I asked several times if they had done that and they said they had taken care of it. The loan was from them so I figured they had done that. On the statements that came from the bank there was no record, and that bothered me, I finally decided instead of worrying I would check into it, I should have done that much earlier. I had the money because it had not gone out from my account, but I was thinking I was doing so well, I could take a trip to Germany. Glad I did not do that. I now have little trust in that bank, but I am afraid of a change. This whole incident left me shaken. I kind of shut down for awhile.