Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Boots

I got a pair of new boots to walk the dog. They are mens but they work.
I have a new problem , mice and dog. This morning after her walk the dog found a nest of mice under my daughters little corner garden. She dug and dug until she got the tiny wiggly body and threw it around. With a great deal of effort I dragged her back into the house and put her in the crate. She was very dirty and my rug is now very dirty from her paws and my boots. I have left the dog in the crate and I will cover in her hole and dispose of the mouse. I know this is not the end to the problem.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Walking the Dog

The cooler fall weather has now come. Nights have been freezing. My problem is walking the dog. I walk the dog at 7:oo AM and the grass is wet. I walk the dog behind my house, in an area between my fence and a farmers field. This area is behind all the houses on this block and it leads to a soccer field at the school at the end of the block. I walk to the soccer field and around it twice and back to my house. My shoes got wet. I found a pair of old boots of my daughter but they have a whole in them, so I again got wet feet. I found my old boots and tried them they also did not keep out the water. I need to find a pair of comfortable boots that keep out water.
Winter is coming and that will bring more problems in walking the dog. I need a high boot that keeps out water and is warm. I will be beginning a search of the stores for this boot. I wonder if I can get the dog to use the tread mill solving the winter walking problem.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sickness Hits.

I went to stay with my grandkids last week. The youngest got a sore throat and and upset stomach, the oldest, trouble breathing. We watched a lot of childrens TV. What to feed the youngest was a problem. We got a kids cheezeburger. He ate half and sat it down and the dog ate it. My grandson said."Thats OK its not chocolate.
I am home dog sitting now and dog wants out , so long for now.