Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving Slowly

Institutions do not move quickly. Insurance companies, banks etc. go at their speed not at the speed I would like them to move. When I am facing something I do not like to do, I face it right off the bat so the uncomfortable feeling will go away. Paper work is not something I like to do. and I started there, and now I am holding waiting for new checks and forms from one bank. The problem is I get stuck. There are probably other things I could be doing, so I am going to do other things today.
Pennie got the St Marks web page working but it still has problems.
I had the wrong date for the Dead Sea Scrolls trip. The trip is on the twentieth of March. I was ready last week, and then I checked the bulletin and saw the correct date. I have that to look forward to.
The service was a nice healing service last night. It was not attended well. There were more at the meal before the service. I did not go forward because I do not know what to ask for. A former pastor sang "In The Garden" all sang the chorus. The pastors sermon was on the difference of being healed, and a cure.


quilly said...

Betty, I think grieving would be much easier to bear if there wasn't so much paperwork involved! I think of you daily and keep you in my heart and prayers.

DawnTreader said...

I know the feeling of getting stuck because you have to wait for one thing before being able to take the next step. And sometimes it feels like as soon as you're able to cross one thing off the list, another one is added. (My mother died last year and my father is not well so I've been taking over their "paperwork" on top of my own.) Hope you'll get the most important things sorted out soon. ♥

Anonymous said...

Betty don't let the paperwork bog you down or get to you. It will all work out. You and I are a lot of like. I tackle things head on as well to make the bad feeling go away. But some times things are beyond our control and you have to go with what others have the control over. You will get through this. I'm glad Pennie got the site up. I wish I could have been more help and just know you can email me anytime. My thoughts and aloha are always with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

The paperwork and machinations of large entities are nothing I like to deal with on a good day. On a bad day, or in the midst of fresh grief, they would probably stop me in my tracks.
I hope that you find a blessing in each new day, some small love-gift from God.

Melli said...

I'm the opposite. When I'm hit with things I don't want to do - especially while grieving - I stop dead in my tracks! I'm a terrible mourner... I want to crawl into a hole all by myself and lick my wounds until I feel better. THEN I will come out and take care of life. Don't rush me.

Sounds like your moving along as well as you can right now. It's true that institutions do not move along to quickly. Dennis has been trying to settle his brother's estate for 2.25 years now. We expect it will probably be at least another 9 months! Mom is the beneficiary of everything, so thankfully SHE is as healthy as she is! If she were to pass it would leave things in a terrible mess.

I don't think I've ever been to a "healing" service. But I just pray that God gives you comfort and peace. I'm sure your heart must ache horribly at times... I just pray that doesn't last too long. I'm really so proud of you for getting out there and getting things done, and doing your Bible studies and keeping busy. And I'm sO glad that you have Pennie living there/next door. How is she doing?

Anonymous said...

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Nessa said...

Betty: take your time and do things the way you want. My thoughts are with you.

Louisiana said...

Grieving for everyone is different and we all have a different pace...i'm sorry there is so much paperwork, decisions etc..if the sorrow wasn't enough, there is so much more than that just that..

i wish u as much peace and patience and courage and strength as God can grant and the kids and grand kids..

there is so much love and great memories for him that will linger for all days and there is an extreme amount of love and respect for you out there too.

pls keep on knowing that so many of us are thinking about you and keeping you close to our hearts...


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Still thinking of you Betty, I've asked God to send one of his Angels to be with you and to have a quick resolve to all the paperwork.

Anonymous said...

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