Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Christmas at The Linnas

I had great intentions of being all ready for my guests. I had a time line down, today I wash clothes. the next day plan the meals, shop on another day so on. The weather threw me off, my son and boys came early because of the stormy forecast. That was a smart thing to do but I didn't get done what I planned.
That was OK because the grandsons wanted to cook, so clean counters(not dirty but cluttered) and floors were not important. Yes there was pancake batter all over the counter and drawers. Ice cream left out so counter had to be cleaned up. Oldest grandson was making smoothies. Oldest grandson also wanted to make what I believe is called Puppy Chow. It calls for powdered sugar that blows around easily. I was busy with cleanup, yes they cleaned up but they do not have grownup eyes. They had fun and the food created very good. We made saffron rolls. My son Pat made the dough and I made the different forms. I was on my feet for three hours and very tired so my grandchildren offered to cleanup. There was a pile of pans left and a mixing bowl, also odds an ends of cooking tools such as spoons, measuring cups. The odds and ends got cleaned but the bowl and pans were still there dirty. That was pointed out to them and back they went. The bowl got clean, but the pans remained, I laughed and did the pans. Like I said they don't have grownup eyes.
Melli told about spilling the beans at her place. My daughter bought for me a garbage disposal, that was to be a surprise. There was problems with communication about where and who picks up the disposal, Pennie or the plumber. Pennie left it there, but the sales clerk thought it should be brought to the house. She left it on the step for the plumber to get it. I came to Pennies with the mail and saw the disposal. Surprise gone but I knew I had to get the kitchen clean for it but like I said up above that didn't get done before the son and grandchildren arrived. The plumber still has not been here.
The church service was very nice, with a banjo, bells and choir. We had a candle lighting service. The boys got to go sledding twice.
Next I will tell you about the meal. I had a standing rib roast which I put in the oven at the right time. I also had a ham and that went into the oven at the right time, but I forgot about the apple roast which I was putting in the slow cooker. I did finally remember and put it on but it was not going to be ready at the right time. Alex made the fruit salad. We also had rolls and mashed potatoes. Pie, apple and lemon were for dessert .


quilly said...

It sounds like there was plenty of love, food, and fun at your house for Christmas. That is always much more important than where the powdered sugar lands!

Melli said...

LOL! It does sound verrrrrrry similar to our story! And it was all FUN anyway, right? Of course it was! I BET you were just sitting at the dinner table shakin' your head the SAME way I was!!! All you can do is laugh! That's what is called for!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas this was. Secrets are hard to keep at Christmas LOL. I hope Betty, my dear sweet friend, that you all have a wonderful 2010 :) Much love and aloha to you all :)