Sunday, September 13, 2009


I was so blessed by the confirmation service. The students each made a statement about their faith as part of the service. All presentations were different using their different talents. One using her art ability used the word faith drawing pictures explaining her faith. One wrote a story of a child's faith as he faced death from cancer. My granddaughter did a PowerPoint presentation using a song that expressed her faith and growth. She included pictures from her baptism. There were very few dry eyes when it finished. I think the name of the song was " I thought I knew" but I am not sure, I will have to check. The others spoke about their faith.
I am not sure yet if I am back to blogging. I was away for many reasons, caring for Pennie, VBS and planing for Sunday School. Pennie is one of two leaders. I am teaching crafts or art with another teacher., This Sunday began the Sunday School year, and St Marks begins with something called a cluster. the classes all meet together parents included. We were not going to be able to be there. This rotation is on prayer, and we have only five classes, music, art, science, games, bible learning, so cooking was decided to be used this week for the cluster. Cooking was making pretzels, one the child takes home a name to pray for with a pretzel and the child gives someone in the congregation a name and a pretzel to pray for. There would not be enough time to do the actual cooking so we decided to bake them at home. We also volunteered to do two bulletin boards. Pennie does not have a key to the church and all week she was getting home late from work. Last night was an all nighter. We made over a hundred pretzels and had two bulletin boards ready to put up, before we had to go up north.
Adding to my problem of blogging, my monitor went, and I could not get on the net if Dr. John or Pennie were on. The printing on the monitor was very blury and the letters small. I thought it was my eyes but others saw the blury letters. I could not read any blogs I tried very had but I had to give up. We moved Dr John's monitor from the old computer to the office for me to use. So maybe I will be back.


Melli said...

Oh, I HOPE your back! I sure DO understand busy though... yes, I do!

It sounds like the confirmation ceremony was beauuuuutiful today! I would LOVE to see Bree's power point! I'm sure it was wonderful!

You stay so busy with the children's Sunday School. I can't pull myself away from the adult classes to even THINK about teaching the kids. I am such an infant in the adult classes that I think I better just keep on keepin' on for a few more years! I do look forward to the day when I feel prepared to teach a children's class though. I would surely enjoy it. Right now, we adults are studying the Lutheran Spirituality through Prayer. I'm really enjoying it. My Monday night group will be starting Mark tomorrow night. We finished Judges a few weeks ago - that was a HARD book! Hard to read; hard to accept; hard to understand... and yet FULL OF HOPE!!!

I do hope Pennie is feeling better! Sounds like she must be to keep up with you for an all nighter baking pretzels and decorating bulletin boards! WOW!

It sure was good to see you here!
((((Hugs!)))) Love & miss you!

quilly said...

Thank you for sharing Bree's confirmation. I still remember mine as a special moment in my life.

I hope Penny is mending well. It sounds like she's as busy as you are!

Whenever you return to blogging, I'll be here! I keep you on my feed reader. Thanks for checking in and letting me know you are well.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Betty. Congrats on Bree's confirmation. Must have been wonderful. Hope you come back soon but you are so never ends does it :) Aloha

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad that Bree's Confirmation went well. Hope Pennie is feeling better. Nice to see you posting again.

Lori's Minute said...

Every time I think you will get a break you seem to get busier...I worry about you!

You asked about a light where Bree has to cross the street at school and yes there is a light but it is not long enough apparently. So far she has been getting rides from the mother of a friend.

I was VERY impressed with all the confirmads and their presentations.

The Crazy Object B. and The Crazy Object J. said...

The song for the powerpoint was "What do I know of Holy." I am working on getting it on my blog for all to see :D


Aunt Julie said...

Blogging does take a lot of time, that's for sure! I used to feel like I had to be fresh every day, and started referring to it as my "homework" so have backed off a little. Have a great weekend, tho the forecast for Neenah isn't great.