Tuesday, July 14, 2009

POW #2 Thom &John

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

It was with anxiety Penny Sue Tractor waited for the arrival of the crew with her award. Only two weeks ago she participated in the mud wrestling contest

at the State Fair, and won first place. The winner of the contest won an all expense trip to any resort in the area or a city for a week. She decided to take a week in the city, where she had never been. Leaving behind Edgar the pet pig
and Shadow her dog
was hard enough, but she would also have to leave behind the familiar cry of the eagle,
and the shy intrusion of the deer.

The official car arrived and those giving her the award got out. The formal wear and the expressions on their faces made her want to run back into her home. She could not leave this place. What she had to wear would be unacceptable in the city. One of the people a lady stepped forward and with a gentle voice asked Penny Sue to come with them. She encouraged her to take the adventure, they would make all the arrangements, making sure that someone would come and take care of her pets.
In Penny Sues eyes the hotel was a palace. The lady who had encouraged her to go on the trip Lacy Hope,became her companion aiding her in the city tour and the shopping. At the end of the week Penny Sue had changed her look of a country girl to a city lady.
Her name also won her some more good fortune. With a name like Penny Sue Tractor who else should be a sales person for a tractor manufacturer
Had her fortune changed Penny Sue? At the end of the week, Penny Sue packed up her new clothes, and returned to her home in the country. She was relieved to be back home, but she kept her job selling tractors, traveling to work by first a long walk and then taking a bus.


Anonymous said...

WOOT...I'm so glad that the big city life didn't turn Penny Sue towards that and she stuck with her roots. At least she can afford the bus now and not have to walk. Excellent story. Loved it :)

Akelamalu said...

Edgar and Shadow are great names for a pet pig and a dog!

I'm so glad Penny Sue broadened her horizons!

Thanks for joining in my competition. :)

quilly said...

I am glad Penny Sue learned to work in the city, but stayed in the home she loved.

Melli said...

So Penny Sue enjoyed her adventure, but returned to home - where her heart is! Cool she got a JOB out of the deal though!