Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quilly Three Word Challenge#9


The words to be used are:
jussulent-full of soup or broth
tenebrous-dark,murky, obscure, or causing gloom
ebullient-boiling, agitated
Continuation from Raven's Challenge

Jennifer went down to the hospital cafeteria, with the hope of finding a relative of Mrs Lemer , and because she was also getting hungry. She picked up some soup, crackers and coffee.
The cafeteria was at this time nearly empty, and she sat near the entry where the dishes were picked up to load with food. From behind her, a man in a tan overcoat and a tam came and sat down at her table. He had a gentle look about him, but he said," I think you would prefer this", and he switched a bowl he had with hers. She looked down at the tenebrous ebullient jussulent bowl, and her stomach became ebulleint. The stranger gentle face became tenebrous. " Take some soup," he said in a demanding voice.
"No, give me back my bowl of chicken soup," she said.
" First you must taste my soup,"he said.
Jennifer put her spoon into the soup and brought it up to her lips, pretending to take it and carefully lowered it back into the bowl. She was not sure if she did a good job at the fake, but the man had turned to look at another gentleman who passed by them to get some food. It was the man who asked about Mrs Lemer, a possible relative. The man seated at her table turned to her and encouraged her to take more soup. Could she get by with another fake as she waited for the other man to get his food. She felt that might not be possible, so she swiped her arm on the table hitting the bowl and sending it to the floor. The man at the table quickly left.
The noise from the falling bowl drew the attention of the enquirer of Mrs Lemer. He put down his tray and came over to aid Jennifer.
She asked" Did you see a man leave here, wearing a tan overcoat?"
She then told him about the strange encounter and the soup.
" I think you should bring the bowl to a lab for a test of the contents."
She agreed and put the bowl in a plastic bag. Remembering why she was waiting for him, she asked about Mrs. Lemer.
" My mother is doing better now, but she had the shock of my sister's murder along with my cousin's." He did not want to talk about the murders because of the investigation, but he mentioned again to make sure she got the bowl checked.
To be continued in Raven's Challenge.


quilly said...

A very tenebrous story! I hope that wasn't an attempted murder!

Thom said...

Great story and use of the words. I can't wait to read the continuation :)

Melli said...

Oh boy! I'm so glad Jen is a quick thinker! That guy scared me! I can't wait to find out what the lab says about that tenebrous brew.

Melli said...

I hope your hip is feeling better today! You're prayed up!

juliana said...

how mysterious!
can't wait for more...

Nessa said...

You made me feel soup sick. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Cherie said...

Oh dear, that can't be good. Looks like a lot of us are in cliff-hanger moods today. :) Heard over at Dr. John's that your hip's giving you trouble. I'm praying for you. :)

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Good writing, Betty, though the story is rather tenebrous. Looking forward to the next installment.