Monday, October 5, 2009


The retreat was held on Friday Oct 2 evening and Saturday Oct 3 all day. I was spending all my time preparing for this retreat. Sweet Life Cafe was the name of the retreat. The theme was Jesus is the bread of life. We had a committee of five. The retreat came from Group and it was set up very nicely. The cost of a starter kit was $99.00. Our work came in the decorating. They also had boxes which you could purchase at $22.00 a piece, which we thought was too much for our ladies so we made our own. We also bought bags from Walmart instead of buying theirs. Their bags cost five something for each bag we got plain bags 4 for five bucks. We let the women decorate their own bag. We bought from them besides the starter kit charms and a journal for each participant.
The ladies said they had a good time. The women were divided into groups of four. This was accomplished by having the ladies pick out a mug from a display of mugs. Although the mugs were bought in groups four alike they were placed in the display away from a mug that looked like another. The ladies then found the matching cups and sat in that group.
A blessing we also had was that some men in our congregation prepared the meals and served them.
Setting up took most of Friday. We kept moving the heavy tables trying to find the best place for them. I was glad that no decision had to be made when we cleaned up after.
I am sorry I don't have pictures yet. I was too busy to take them but others did and they are going to share later.
We had a speaker also who participated with the woman. Sometimes the speaker just does her or his speech and then leaves. The speaker was Sheila Luck, she was very good. The men preparing the meal came out to listen to her. She spoke about forgiveness.
In one of the sessions I lead just before breakfast. We had a porridge which is served to refugees made of corn meal , powdered milk, and beans. This was to remind them of the need to feed the hungry. We also made up bags of pancake ingredients covered with a pretty towel including directions and a prayer. These are going to be brought to the people we do not see often because they can not get out by youth who will make and share the meal. Some of the bags with towels will go to the food pantry.
We ended with communion. I made the communion bread.


quilly said...

It sounds like a wonderful retreat.

Anonymous said...

Betty this sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing :)

Nessa said...

Your retreat sounds great. So many clever and worthwhile projects and activities.

Melli said...

How I wish I could have attended this retreat! I LOVE the way you got the ladies grouped up! That was a stroke of genius! Truly! And the gruel... great idea!!! I look forward to the pictures...

Anonymous said...

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Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.