Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quilly's Word Challenge#5

Quilly words for the challenge:
hitonious-very bad, beyond horrid
teterrimous-most foul
mellifluous-smooth, sweet, harmonious
I am writing this to fulfil my promise to write a ghost story for my granddaughter. This over a year due.

Cindy Lane a member of a small community called Hide would walk home from work through the cemetery. The winding paths, landscaping, and the smell of flowers gave her the impression that she was walking in a park. She had no fear of walking through the cemetery, but that would change.
She had a meeting with the staff and she was late in leaving the office. It was dark, so she used her small flashlight she carried in her purse. The range of the light was small , but the path was familiar. She had reached the middle of the cemetery when she heard of noise.
The noise was soft,like the wind in the trees, but there was a tune. The sound was mellifluous. she swung her flash light around searching for the sounds source. She left the familiar path, but without thought of doing so as she searched.
Then she heard another sound, it was not a pleasant sound, but a hitonious sound. She was on top of the sound. Her flashlight caught something in its small light circle. A form, no two forms. One of the forms gave off a teterrimous smell along with the hitonious sound. The form was singing. The sound stopped and the mellifluous sound came. It was from the other form now singing. Cindy turned off her flash light. She hid, stooping behind a tombstone, listening to the concert of mellifluous sound, and hitonious sound as the forms alternated their songs.
The sounds stopped, and Cindy looked around to find she was facing the two ghostly forms. There was an angry look on their faces. As she arose her flashlight fell to the ground. Her hands searched for it, but her eyes were on the forms, making it more difficult to pick up the flashlight. She finally felt it and picked it up, and the forms moved closer. She fumbled with the switch. The light came on as she aimed it at the forms. They stopped moving, and Cindy took advantage and ran towards the exit by her home.
Where she thought the exit was it wasn't. The search for the music put her in a different direction from her usual path. She ran to and fro searching for the exit and dodging tombstones. The forms floated behind her never quite reaching her. Maybe that was their intent herding her out the exit.
Cindy never again entered the cemetery after dark. She did not want to meet up with the ghostly forms, although she missed the music of the form with the mellifluous sound.


Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh I had chilly willies! That was good! Just scary enough - without being TOO scary! (I'm not really a big fan of ghost stories...) I hope Bri enjoys it!

Anonymous said...

If I should ever find myself in a cemetery after dark and I hear any one or anything singing, I will run straight to the exit without pause for curiosity over what it might be, I promise!

Raven said...

Ooohhh... may have taken you a year to write it for your granddaughter, but you have come through brilliantly. Well done.

Jientje said...

Cemeteries and ghosts, and a very well written story!

juliana said...

scary story, but not too hitonious.
in fact, i enjoyed it very much. well done.

Nessa said...

It's always the curiosity that gets you. Just run!

Very fun story.

B.R.L said...

Thank you it was very good.
I liked it.

B.R.L said...

NO I loved it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she hung around outside the fence at night, hoping to hear the mellifluous singing, lol. Good story, Betty.

Reba said...

She should have had a rottwieler woof her fur protection. Bark!!

Cherie said...

That was a brave woman. I hope that one day she'll be able to enjoy the cemetery again. But perhaps during daylight hours. ;)