Friday, February 6, 2009

Quilly's Word Challenge

The large room was filled with energetic people. Boxes were being filled with house hold goods, and can food items. Marta as she sorted items into the correct boxes over heard Sharon say" Isangelous Marta always gets the job done even if it seems impossible." Marta debated whether she should correct Sharon or not. She was not an angel but an individual who believed that the volgivagant should be cared for.
Prince was not a large community, but that did not prevent some self serving people from getting into office. The cynicocratical council ignored her pleas for help for the people who were harmed in the last bad storm. Shelter, and basic needs had to be met but the council did nothing. Harold Smith was the hero who provided the means for her to act.
Harold was wealthy business man. He began his grocery store by selling farmer goods at the road side. He came to own a chain of food stores. He felt he was a hard worker and deserved the nice home and the perks. He gave his employees a fair wage. There was no reason why others could not do the same.
Harold had a dream. The dream began with a storm, a tornado was traveling and in its path were his food stores. Each one was leveled. He wanted to rebuild but there was no way to receive financial aid. His holdings were being sold off and he was left homeless. He awoke and was so very glad it was a dream.
When Marta approached the council, which he was a part of, it was before the dream. After the dream Harold gathered the members and began a campaign for aid to the volgivagant. Marta provided the organization.


Melli said...

Oh. You just made this look too easy! I am feeling dumber and dumber as I go today! This was a GREAT story Betty! I love it's message!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Crisp. Clear. Precise. Great writing, Ms. Betty! I think you did a better job using these words than I did! Take a bow!

Anonymous said...

Your link is up!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

This is a great story, Betty. I really like that the volgivagant are about to be helped. All too often in our society, they're not.

Nessa said...

Excellent story and great use of the words.